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The Wendat Tribe

No description

Ellia Frankovich

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of The Wendat Tribe

The Wendat(Huron) Tribe
The Wendat Tribe
Huron(Wendat) Map
The Wendat lived in a forested area with lots of lakes and small rivers. This provided great opportunities to farm, fish and hunt in their own land. The Wendat people thought it was very important to respect their environment, as it was essential to all of their ways of life.
The Wendat people lived in a climate with four seasons. The summers were usually short, while the winters were long, so the Wendat people had to save lots of food from the warmer seasons.
Villages and housing
The Wendat people lived in semi permanent villages. They lived in houses called longhouses. Longhouses provide space for more than one clan. Longhouses were 25-30 meters long. They usually lasted from 8-10 years. They would usually hold 36-40 people.
The Wendat tribe hunted, fished, farmed and gathered to get their food. The women farmed and gathered, while the men hunted and fished. The Wendat people ate things such as berries, mushrooms, onions, pumpkins, sunflower seeds, nuts, fish, and meats such as deer.
The Wendat tribe enjoyed recreation. Children played with toys made from corn husks, wood, or small pieces of hide. Adults enjoyed sports such as archery(which was also used for hunting), racing, and lacrosse. The adults also enjoyed gambling and guessing games.
The Wendat tribe was divided into clans. Clans are like families. Each clan had a different name. Clans usually had the names of animals. A clan was consisted of a women, her daughters or sisters and their husbands and children.
Family Roles
Everyone in the Wendat tribe had a role to play. Women had jobs such as farming, gathering food, childcare, and guarding the family. Men had roles such as hunting, fishing, repairing the village structures and peace negotiations with the outside world. Children did not have much work. They learned from their games. Girls helped their mother with work. Boys were expected to be hardy and self-reliant. Everyone in the tribe worked hard, and did their fair share.
The Wendat people had many ways of showing their spirituality. They believed that everything was connected. The Wendat people believed that dreams were very important. Ones health was sometimes evaluated based on their dreams. Once a boy reached adolescence he went on a vision quest, where he would meditate and fast until visions would come to him. He would see a helper from the spirit world who would give him advice. The Wendat people worshiped 'the creator'. They gave thanks to 'the creator' for everything that they had.
The Wendat people lived northwest of Lake Simcoe, and southeast of the Gorgian Bay.
Creation Story
you enjoyed!
The men in the Wendat tribe wore loin clothes in the summer. Women wore skirts or dresses. Both wore moccasins. In the winter they wore fur cloaks. All clothing was made from deer and beaver hides. The Wendat tribe wore body paint and beads.
Fun Facts
-The Wendat tribe was given the the nickname Huron which in French means bore head, because the men's Mohawk hairstyles looked like bore's heads.
-The Wendat tribe believed that dreams could cause illnesses.
-Unlike most other cultures, women in the Wendat tribe were considered leaders. They were the guardians of the family.
-Birch bark canoes were the Wendat's main source of transportation.
-The Wendat tribe had 8 different clans.
For my artifact I chose pottery. In the Wendat culture pottery was used for cooking and storage. For cooking food was put inside the pot than held over a fire. For storage the food was put in the pot with salt or sugar. The Wendat tribe used pottery because it was quick and easy to make.
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