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on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of cyberbullying

From having this account for so long I've learned that many people especially online deal with bullying and feel as a result of this that they have to change who they are in order to fit in and avoid this. I've decided to make this power point to reassure you all that you don't have to change yourself for anyone. As long as you are comfortable and happy with the decisions you are making, (as long as its not like going on murder sprees and things of that matter i mean if that's the case please seek medical attention lol) then the negative comments of others shouldn't be looked at or thought about.
I know that many unlike myself are unable to make a joke out of hate or simply ignore it. Another thing I've learned from my 3 social medias outlets is that these things come in handy!!
If blocking them isn't enough
then there's always the good
old fashioned way of doing
things, turn off your electronic.
The internet is full of douche
bags who only have one goal,
to make you feel worse than
they do. If a couple of comments are really getting to you then maybe the internet just wasn't made for you. This might sound rude
but in reality its the truth. Yes
some comments might hurt
but at the end of the day what
people say behind a screen
shouldn't matter :-).
That's all the advice I have to give! Hope
I've taught you a lesson! Have fun on the internet if you've decided to stay haha!
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