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A Whole New World: Digital Reality

The changing use of technology by Gen Y: created for a TED-style talk presented at a conference in Melbourne in November 2013.

Kerrin Grosvenor

on 3 July 2015

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Transcript of A Whole New World: Digital Reality

Young person 1:
Young person 2:
Young person 3:
A Whole New World: Digital Reality
How we communicate:
Wordpress blog
MySpace (back in the dark ages!)

... if you think we email, think again.
Step 4
"Since digital technology and social media is becoming a rather big part of the lives of youth,
it should be used to an advantage and thought to be used in positive ways. The thing is,
I'm just not sure as to how we would do this."
"Digital technology and social media let you develop a Professional Learning Network
that is available 24/7 for life long learning"
Parting thoughts...
"As a resource for life long learning, I think digital technology and social media are fantastic. After that, it depends on the user. People are learning all the time, but if someone isn't interested in studying, they probably aren't going to study whatever the case."
"Quite frankly a computer or other device that you use for fun is a lot more approachable than a massive text book with a droll title and sites like MyLO (UTas LMS)."
Technology isn't a fad.
It's a way of life.
This is our reality.
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