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~ Major Gods & Goddesses Research & Presentation ~

Bobbie Jean Sandidge

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Athena

Athena the goddess of wisdom also battle strategy, arts, & justice nickname: grey-eyed symbol: owl symbol: olive branch. Athena is said to have created the olive tree. Parents & Origin When Metis was pregnant with Athena, Zeus swallowed her alive in fear that his offspring would be more powerful than him. Inside his belly, Metis made a helmet & robe for her daughter. Athena's brother came to her rescue. Hephaestus split Zeus' skull and out emerged Athena, fully grown and fully clothed in armor. { daughter of Zeus & Metis } Romantic Interests: Athena was loved by everyone, and loved everyone, but it was in a sisterly way. She was disgusted by the idea of marriage and remained a virgin. Personality Traits: Wise- Other gods came to her for good advice Mythological Story: Weapons & Accessories a spear
the aegis: a terrible shield with Medusa's head on it. Anyone who looked at it was turned to stone
the ray: Athena was even allowed to use her father's lightning bolt from time to time. { Since Athena was Zeus' favorite daughter, she was given some of his deadliest weapons. } the spear the aegis Athena Zeus Hephaestus Roman name: Minerva Work Cited Page Likable- Everybody was very fond of her Crafty- She made very nice things therefore many were jealous of her Pictures:
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Stebbins, Elinor. "Athena." Athena. N.p., spring 1998. Web. 01 Sept. 2012. <http://www.arthistory.sbc.edu/imageswomen/papers/stebbinsathena/athena2.html>. Athena was the goddess that created the flute. It was first made it out of deer bones. When she went to play the flute at the banquet of the gods, the other gods and goddesses made fun of her. At that moment Athena found that she hated instrument and threw it away. By: Bobbie Jean Sandidge
& Kendall Selig Thanks for watching! :) Thanks for watching! :) { }
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