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Stand Together

Bullying Prevention

Jennifer Barker

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Stand Together

Englewood Middle School
We Stand Together
What is bullying???
These days, it seems like most disputes at school are labeled bullying.
For behaviors to be labeled bullying, this is what has to be happening:
an imbalance of power, with an intent to harm, and/or repetitive actions.
Let's make it easier... Normal peer conflict happens between friends or people of equal power (like the same age, same strength abilities, same height, etc)
happens between people who are not friends, and who don't have equal power (like a 10th grader and a 7th grader, a big dude and a small dude, a really popular person and someone who is not part of a group)
Normal peer conflict happens
is accidental, is
not serious,
and the people involved
feel bad
that it happened and they want to work to
solve the problem.
on purpose
over and over and it causes
emotional and physical harm.
The victim feels scared, lonely, and awful. The person doing the bullying doesn't seem to feel bad about it at all.
What are we going to do at EMS about bullying?
It's simple.
We're going to
We all have big binders, we are all gonna have iPads, we all have cool shirts that say
"Attitude is Everything",
we all have the EMS pledge, and like Mr. Ewert, the Superintendent of Englewood Schools said, "We all have struggles. None of us are perfect".
Maybe there are people here you don't like, or who annoy you, or who you think are weird, or who don't dress like you, or who don't talk like you, or....
if you

really knew them
, maybe none of that would matter.
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