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School Trip

Visit to Kew Gardens

Laura Snaddon

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of School Trip

We're all going on a school trip to Kew Gardens!! Hello Year 3,
my name is Miss Snaddon! So, today we will be learning to solve word problems using the correct calculation methods.D Let's see if we can use our multiplication knowledge to drive our car to victory! I believe you all went on a school
trip to Legoland on Friday! You will need to choose the right calculation method to solve each problem:
Halving, doubling, subtraction, addition, multiplication, division, etc. Can you explain how you solved the problem? Which method did you use?

Remember to explain your methods using the maths vocabulary!

For example:
To solve the problem I multiplied 5 by 4..... Remember.... How did it go? It's time to solve our Legoland
Word problems! Well, I thought today we could
base our maths lesson on
Legoland! Now....... Have fun!! Hello Year 3, my name is Miss Snaddon Am I right? Did anyone go on the Driving School Ride?

Well let's use our multiplication knowledge to drive our car to victory!
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