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El Salvador

No description

Yash Joshi

on 24 March 2016

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Transcript of El Salvador

El Salvador
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El Salvador, which is officially known as the Republic of El Salvador is a latin american country. It is the smallest, but also most densely populated country in Central America. Many call it the murder central of the world, but all together is a beautiful place full of beautiful people.
El Salvador: 0.666 (116)
U.N. Human Development Index
Located on the pacific coast of Central America, El Salvador is placed in between 13-15 degrees North, and 88-90 degrees West. The capital city is San Salvador, while other major cities include, Santa Ana, San Miguel, and Nueva San Salvador.
San Salvdor Volcano, Santa Ana Volcano, and the ancient mayan city of Tazumal are only a bunch of the numerous landmarks and points of interests.
Infant Mortality Rate
Definition: The number of deaths under the age of under the age of one that occur in a year, per 1000 births in a given region.
El Salvador: 21.5
Canada: 5
As you the see, the infant mortality rate of El Salvador is more than 4 times more than the infant mortality rate in Canada. Many observations can be made, such as that El Salvador has very poor healthcare as infants have quite a low chance of survival. It may also describe El Salvador's environment as lethal that carries many diseases and possibly a lot of pollution. Also, Canada has a large population of the elderly, due to which its Birth Rate is low, but it seems to be the opposite in El Salvador as the Infant Mortality Rate is quite high, which means an excessive amount of children.
El Salvador is ranked 98 while Canada is ranked 179 in the world.
Birth Rate / Fertility Rate
El Salvador= 16.37 (115)

Canada=10.28 (190)
Birth Rate
Fertility Rate
El Salvador= 1.91 (138)
Canada= 1.59 (184)
World Ranking
Death Rate
El Salvador= 5.69 (172)
Canada= 8.42 (81)
Borders Hondurous and Guatemala
Definition: Number of live births per 1000 people in a country per year
Definition: Number of babies born in a women's lifetime in a country
Birth Rate Comparison
Fertility Rate Comparison
Definition: Is the number of deaths per 1000 people, of a population, in a given year
Comparison and Conclusion
That's Crazy
Natural Increase
El Salvador= Birth Rate-Death Rate
= 16.37-5.69
Canada= Birth Rate-Death Rate
= 10.28 - 8.42
= 1.86
Population and Population Density
El Salvador: 6 381 798
Canada: 35 926 814
Land Area
21,040 km
9.985 million km
Literacy Rate
Definition: Percentage of people over 15 who can read and write
El Salvador: 84.5%
Canada: Not reported
Don't Think That
Life Expectancy
El Salvador: 72.6 Years (121)
Canada: 81.85 Years (13)
Definition: The average age to which a person is expected to live until in a country
Canada: 0.913 (9)
Medium Human Development
Very High Human Development
Per Capita Income /
El Salvador: $7,349
Canada:1.78539 Trillion USD
El Salvador:25.16 Billion USD
Canada: $42,155
Unemployment Rate
El Salvador: 7.00%
Canada: 7.30%
Poverty Rate
Canada: 13% (4.9 million) Canadians
El Salvador:31.8%(2 029 411) people
Energy Consumption
El Salvador: 5.67 billion kWh
Canada:2.1722 trillion kWh
El Salvador: You Don't Want It
The Birth Rate of El Salvador is comparatively higher than the Birth Rate of Canada, which explains a lot about the quality of life there. A reason for such a high Birth Rate could possibly be lack of safety and education of sex, due to which women get pregnant more often. Another reason for this might be that women decide to have many kids as they fear the lives of their children, as the crime rate is very high in El Salvador and it is known as the Murder Capital of the world.

On the other hand, Canada has all the things that El Salvador lacks, such as education of sex and lots of safety. It also provides many jobs, even for women, due to which they decide to get married late and have kids later, which results in only a few kids. Also there is not much fear about deaths of children as Canada is known as quite a safe country, so no need of excessive children.
Both countries have a relatively average fertility rate, which tells that my earlier thought was wrong about women having a bunch of children in El Salvador, but instead leads to another conclusion. El Salvador has a large population for a small area, which contains a large group of women, which may all have kids.
Even though Canada has a larger of population, not all women decide to have kids, as there are other things to do such as work, due to which our fertility rate is somewhat lower.
It may seem as if Canada is a dangerous country as the death rate is super high, but that is not true as there is a reason for these numbers. Canada is one of those rare countries that has population of the elderly which is very large, and too much youth. So eventually all these elderly die, which makes the death rate seem very high. Well El Salvador has a mere population of around 6 million, and the death rate is still very high, which tells that the environment there is quite hazardous, and there are many things that pose a threat to people.
El Salvador:303 people/km square
Canada:3.59 people/km square
That Wasn't Expected
Most people would have expected, that as Canada has a greater population, the population density would be greater than El Salvador's, but they're wrong. Even Canada has a large population, majority of the population reside in cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal as the other areas are non-habitable or too cold for many. Due to this we have great population, but also a large area of space where no one resides, due to which the population density is so low.

But now if you look at El Salvador, the land area is really small, while the population is quite high, which can describe a lot about that place. The streets are crowed with people, and all buildings there are cramped together to provide enough necessities, are some things that can be concluded.
Due to this low natural increase the population of Canada increases very slowly, while the opposite happens in El Salvador
Even though the Literacy rate for Canada is not reported, as a citizen of Canada, I know that it probably is high, like 95%, as almost everyone knows how to read and write. The government of Canada provides free education to all children until the college or university, which guarantees that they all get an education. The only population that somewhat does not get an education in Canada is a small part of the Aboriginal population.
In El Salvador, education is not free, but parents who can afford it make their children get an education, as it is needed to survive in that country. As the country is not very developed, it is very necessary to have an education to survive and live in the country.
Where To Grow Old?
The obvious choice would be Canada as the age is higher. Not only that, Canada has better healthcare, which on the other hand is also free for everyone.
Healthcare is available in San Salvador, but is very difficult to find outside the capital. It is free in public hospitals but public hospitals often experience shortages in medicines and equipment. There are private hospitals that have this equipment, but they are really expensive for the residents of the country.
Very Far Apart
Wow! That is a huge difference between the countries, as Canada as at the top of the ranks, while El Salvador is near the bottom of the HDI rankings.

The UN ranks Canada very high and in the top ten of the world, due to many reasons such as its high life expectancy of 82. Canada also has quite a high average of years of schooling(13 years), and a sensational gross national income of $42,155.

On the contrary, El Salvador is said to be a country with medium human development due to many reasons. The life expectancy in El Salvador is a mere 73 years, while the mean years of schooling are only 6.5 years! Even the Gross National income is the very low sum of $7,349.
That is Crystal Clear
It is quite easy to conclude which country has a better economy, just by looking at these figures. Yes, it i true that as an industrialized country, Canada ought to have a better economy, but not only that, the economy of El Salvador has suffered a lot.

The major industries of El Salvador consist of agriculture(mostly corn, coffee, and sugar), food processing, chemicals, and textiles, which do bring in income, but not a lot. Its economy suffered a lot due to its 12 year civil war from 1980-1992, but soon picked up pace after it. El Salvador has a very low growth in GDP as its economy is still struggling.

Canada has a stable economy which relies mostly on its oil and mining industries located in the prairies. There are many good paying job opportunities for all citizens, and trade to other countries brings lots of profit. Just recently the economy has suffered a lot due to the low Canadian dollar and low oil prices, but now the economy is picking up pace and on its way to be more stable. The GDP is constantly improving and so is the amount of trade, which helps the growing economy of the country.
OK, so the unemployment rate of Canada is higher than El Salvador's which is totally agreeable. But that does not mean that you will be able to get a high paying job easier in El Salvador. Shocked eh! The unemployment rate of a country is calculated by the number of unemployed people divided by the labour force(employed and unemployed people).
Now look at the populations of both these countries, Canada has a population 6 times greater than El Salvador. That means a greater Labour Force and a larger amount of unemployed, which increases the ratio. Plus, the jobs in Canada are mostly high paying as they start at $11.25/hour, while not all jobs in El Salvador give high pay. Well it is true that we have a 0.3% higher unemployment rate, but that is somewhat due to our large population, and that all our jobs are moderate waged.
Get The Facts
Let us take a closer look
If you look at the numbers, almost a third of the population of El Salvador lives in poverty, which is about every 1 in 3 people. In Canada, which is a much more industrialized country, the poverty rate does not seem that high, but that number tells, that 1 in 7 people in the country of Canada are in poverty.
El Salvador is a small country, with a large and dense population, due to which some people don't receive the same opportunities, therefore, face poverty. In Canada, it's a different situation, majority of the people considered to be a underprivileged, come from the Aboriginal population as most of them live on reserves and don't receive the same necessities. Every citizen of the country gets opportunities, due to which most have an average life, while others choose not to, due to which they do not receive the same rewards.

That margin between the countries is quite outstanding, but at the same time also clearly expected. A really high usage is what was expected, as Canada is a highly industrialized country, due to which lots of energy is consumed to provide many opportunities. Energy is consumed mostly for electricity, petroleum products, and natural gases, which are used in many places to the run the large nation.
In El Salvador, most of the energy used there come from its wind mills and solar panels, which produce almost all of the energy, as there are no coal,oil, or natural gas reserves. El Salvador is also the largest producer of geothermal energy in Central America, which tells that there is quite a decent amount of it to be used all across the country.
Canada: Lots of Money
The Irony
The housing market in Canada is mind-blowing, as homes costs a lot, and not only that, the prices keep on increasing, that soon they look just ridiculous. Canada's average house price in February 2016 was a bit over $500,000 which is a record high. Yes, it is a fact that the homes in the country are built with strong and sturdy materials that fit the climate and lifestyle of the country, which is I guess the only positive thing about this incredibly high housing market of this industrialized nation.
In El Salvador, which has been gravely affected by its civil war and grand earthquake in 2001, housing there is not something you would wish for. Majority of the homes are constructed with concrete and adobe(mud bricks) and very few have access to improved water sources and improved sanitation systems. Even though the prices are relatively not that high, finding a home with goo qualities, would be rare and really, really expensive.
Conclusion (Who's Better?)
Though both countries have their own ups and downs, positive and negative, there does seem to be an evident winner, Canada. Canada has many qualities that provide a good life to citizens, through many facilities such as healthcare and excellent supply of basic needs required. Even though El Salvador is quite a beautiful place that attracts tourists, in the long run, it falls behind in providing the same things or even near opportunities as Canada. I'm not saying that any country is good or bad, but in comparison between these two, Canada would be the better choice.
Canada has the CN Tower, the Rocky Mountains, and even snow, due to which we receive a good amount of tourism. El Salvador, is proclaimed a beautiful place by many and a rare site, due to its volcano's, its ancient mayan city of Tazumal, and lavish beaches.
Yes, it is true that Canada has a larger number of tourists, but I believe that is partly due to the fact that it is an developed country, while El Salvador is still struggling. Yet, if you compare the quality of the attractions, El Salvador breaks the charts, partially due to its miles long beaches that are one of the best surfing spots in the world.
Well if you see safety over the experience, go to Canada, but if all that matters is seeing a great site and enjoying the experience, El Salvador is the place.
El Salvador: Not Reported
Canada: Around 285,000
Canada is one of the countries that have the largest number of immigrants each year, that must mean that people have a good impression of the country. Immigration to El Salvador is not reported, and neither are any statistics about whether they except immigrants or not, which tells a lot. With an immigration rate that is not reported(probably because it is too low), it seems as if people dislike to country enough, to not move to it, or maybe because they don't get the same qualities of life that they receive in other countries.
It is quite evident that Canada has quite a good image across the world, as the number of immigrants are so high. This tells that life in the country is presumably great, and possibly better than many other countries.
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