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Low Level Laser Therapy

No description

Alex Keigley

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Low Level Laser Therapy

A: When was this product invented?
Light has been used as a form of healing for up to 4,000 years.
But the laser was invented in 1960.

What need did the product address?
Laser therapy was created to assist in the application of laser light to injured areas of the body
"Therapy lasers produce beneficial photochemical and photo biological
interactions that can help relieve pain and repair damaged tissue."

C: Who invented this product?
Ancient Egypt first used laser therapy (sunlight). Though a man named Andre Mester is the supposed grandfather of laser therapy
D: List any existing patents.
We would also make it smaller, wireless, and more powerful so it could be used as a light saber.
E: What materials were originally used to make the product
The sun and something to magnify it was actually the first materials.
Machined Billet Aluminum Enclosure, Powder Coated for Durability and Ease of Cleaning
Hydro formed Membrane Switch ESD Shielded Hard-coated Polyester Design for Ease of Cleaning
Backlit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
F: How was the product originally made?
It was originally used by Egyptians magnifying sunlight.
But for your sake we researched the PL 5000
from Erchonia
G: What improvements have been made to the product?
It has been changed from sunlight to lasers that are smaller, more powerful, and more useful for therapy.
The PL 5000 is made of the following materials:
F: How was the product originally made?
The product was first originally made in ancient Egypt, the egyptians using a magnifying tool to magnify the suns rays to attempt to cut or burn off tissue.
G: What improvements have been made to this product?
Low level laser therapy has adapted from sunlight to lasers, and those laser machines have been modified to be smaller over the years, for ease of use.
H: Why were these improvements made?
These improvements were made to improve the effectiveness of laser therapy and to make it easier to use.
I: Who uses the product?
People in the medical field such as physical therapists, veterinarians, doctors and in some cases yourself.
J: What is the global impact on society of the invention and subsequent innovations?
It has made an impact by improving people’s health,
the innovations are that the machine has been made more powerful, smaller, and able to be used for more diverse tasks.

Low Level Laser Therapy
What would you do to improve this product?
Low level laser therapy apparatus
US 6312451 B1
Make the lasers more effective
Smaller easier to use device
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