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Adolf Dassler

No description

Taylor York

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Adolf Dassler

By:Taylor York Adolf Dassler
Founder Of Adidas Shoes and Clothing Adolf Adi Dassler was born in Herzogenaurach, Germany on November 3, 1900.
Adolf Dassler is the founder of sportswear company Adidas. A shoe factory worker made his way into the shoe making business when he was 20 years old.
He was fascinated by the way the shoe was made and how it was designed. After Adolf Dassler returned from World War 1 He would create and produce his own shoes in his mothers Laundry Room.
His brother,Zehlein, supported Adolf in starting his own business.
The company was called Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory. It was ran by him and his two older brother. Adolf's vision was to provide every athlete with the best footwear for his respective discipline. Adolf made it a point to attend every major sporting event in an effort to convince athletes to wear his shoes.
By the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam, many athletes were wearing special shoes from the Dassler workshop. Later on after the olympics "Adi" concentrated his efforts on the shoes of track and field and was experimenting with spikes.
By the early 1930s the compny was making 30 different shoe brands for 11 different sports and had a team of nearly 100 people, helping him fulfill his dream. Trained as a cobbler, a person who mends shoes as a job,Adolf Dassler did not attend school.
I have many products from adidas and wanted to do a person whos product I buy. Adolf's personality was very warm hearted and kind towards his co-workers and family members.
He loved shoe making and athelets. In 1948, the Dassler brothers split up and Adolf Dassler took over Puma.
Soon after he joined Puma he became manager over the company and renamed it Adidas from his nickname "Adi". Adolf Dassler Died on September 6, 1978 Refernces:
www.adidas.com I Chose Adolf Dassler, because he is a intelligent business leader and has made a lot of money with his product adidas.
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