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Professional Learning Presentation

No description

Marianne Marshall

on 15 October 2016

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Transcript of Professional Learning Presentation


Coaches and teachers must create learning-focused relationships. There are various ways to build this relationship with effective instructional support. The following presentation explains the different ways to use instructional upports and participate in professional development opportunities based on needs.
How the Mentor Supports the Educator in Implementing Strategies
Observation and assessment
Ongoing coaching and support
Various Learning Formats
Large Group
Full faculty or department
Small Group
Grade level or department
One on One Coaching
Individual or pair of teachers
Large Group
Responsibilities of Mentor
Share state assessment data
Set clear, measurable goals
Responsibilities of Teacher
Address student needs
Develop practices to accomplish goals
Small Group
Responsibilities of Mentor
Analyze student progress
Create coaching cycles
Share practices for student learning
Responsibilities of Teacher
Peer observations
Refine teaching practices
Share practices for student learning
One on One Coaching
Responsibilities of Mentor
Demonstration teaching

Responsibilities of Mentor and Teacher
Collaborate using analysis of student data
Ongoing planning conversations
Professional Learning Presentation
Marianne Marshall
June 6, 2016
Dr. Gina Stafford

(Sweeney, 2011)
Team planning
Focus on enhancing teacher performance and student learning
Pre and Post conferences
(Rowley, 1999)
(Educational Impact, 2010)
How to Relate
Effective Coaching Instruction and Professional Development
Effective coaching instruction addresses the needs of the teacher to provide the best learning opportunities and techniques for students. Teachers engage in professional development opportunities that focus on what they need to improve on.
Characteristics of
Professional Development
Effective Coaching Instruction
Use outside expertise to share knowledge
Use to improve knowledge, skills, and dispositions
Ensure higher levels of learning
Based on student learning needs
Acquire new knowledge and skills
Individually guided staff development
(Educational Impact, 2010)

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staff development [Video file]. Retrieved from Educational Impact website: https://www.educationalimpact.com/programs/programs/activity/brr2_01a_04/

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Sweeney, D. (2011). Student-centered coaching: A guide for
K-8 coaches and principals. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.
(Sweeney, 2011)
(Sweeney, 2011)
The responsibilities of the coaches and teachers must be clearly defined to create an effective learning-focused relationship. Coaches provide effective instructional support and help guide teachers to appropriate professional development needs to strengthen their skills and focus on student learning.
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