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Conspiracy 365 February

Awezume iz us :D

Graham Horyn

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of Conspiracy 365 February

Conspiracy 365 February (Book 2) By: Graham and Karan The Author The Author's name is Gabrielle Lord.
She was born in Sydney, Australia on
February 26th 1946. When the book was published The book was published on January 1st, 2010
by Hodde Children`s Books. The setting The setting is in a fictional Australian city
but the name is never specified. It is also
the month of February. Main Characters Callum Ormond image found on google images By: Graham and Karan Callum Ormond is a 15 year old fugitive. After his father dies from a strange illness that slowly destroys his brain , Callum suddenly finds himself kidnapped. He manages to escape, not realizing that a tracking device has been planted on him. image found on google images Boges Boges real name is Bodhan Michalko. He is Callum Ormond's friend and is trying to help him out of this mess. He knows it all. Winter Frey Winter Frey is the adopted daughter of Vulkan Sligo and helps Cal get through the conspiracy. At the start of February, she rescues Cal from a oil tank that Sligo puts him in. image found on google images image found on google images The Problem The problem is Cal's father fell gravely ill last year when he was searching family history in Ireland. Before his death, he wrote Cal a letter and sent him mysterious drawings. In the beginning of book 1, January, Cal was told by some anonymous psycho patient, trying to escape from two paramedics that Cal`s father was murdered, and didn't die from an illness. The psycho patient tells Cal that his father uncovered the secret of the Ormond Singularity. The Others- we didn't find out who yet, know that Cal contacted his father before he died and are now after Cal. Cal must go into hiding for exactly 365 days or he will be killed. Graham`s Favourite part of the book "He applied the brakes and the train was screaming as he attempted to pull it up. Would I lose my leg? Or my life? I screamed but my voice was swallowed up by the terrible sound of the train's approaching wheels sparking against the brakes. Blazing lights blind me; I was deafened by the screeching and the blaring horns echoing throughout the tunnel as the train thundered towards me. Frenzied, I struggled to free my trapped ankle.
Straining every muscle in my body, I screamed for help. It would never pull up in time and I'd be creamed. Minced on the tracks! I gave a last desperate heave, trying to escape. But my foot, trapped in the boot I'd taken from the Zoo, wouldn't budge.
In slow motion, I watched the train come closer, my body frozen in horror. Time seemed to stop." Karan's favourite part of the book "I took a slow, careful breath through my
nose, shut my eyes tight, and thumped at the
manhole cover with my fists. Oil splashed all
over my face.
I stopped and waited.
I knew I couldn't hold my breath longer.
Just as I was giving up on hope of air, there
was a creaking, grinding noise. Someone was
twisting open the cover!
It lifted and soft light fell on the sea of black
surrounding me. I hauled myself up the ladder
and out the opening, spitting and gasping. I'd
freed my mouth and nostrils from the deadly
tide and re-emerged into life.
I coughed and wheezed uncontrollably, mad-
ly shaking my oil soaked head. I clung to the
ground above me while my lower half hung
exhausted below me, still in the tank and sub-
merged in oil." How The Story Ends The story ended with Cal getting his leg stuck in the train tracks and the train approaching him. Does The Main Character Solve His Or Her Problems No Cal does not solve his problems and there still are 10 more books till he does. :P Did You Find The End Satisfying And Did You Enjoy Reading The Book? We found the end satisfying and we enjoyed reading this book very much. Who would you recommend the book to and why? We would recommend it to people that like suspense and mystery books because this book has a lot of suspense and mysterious stuff. Compare The Book To Another Title You Have Read A book that Karan has read like this is January the first book of the series and a book that Graham has read like this is March the third book of the series. The End
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