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Reporting Structures

No description

Laurie Norris

on 25 June 2015

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Transcript of Reporting Structures

Kingsport City Schools
Organizational Structure
Vivian Altizer
Executive Assistant Superintendent and BOE
Debbie Risdon
Kingsport City Schools
Nancy Graves
Executive Assistant Curriculum and Instruction
Dory Creech
Assistant Superintendent
Angie Smith
Office Assistant
Federal Programs and
Professional Develpment
Dr. Lyle C. Ailshie
John Payne
Director of Technology
Dr. Lamar Smith
Supervisor of Federal Programs
Dr. Dwain Arnold
Director of Elementary Education
Dr. Carmen Bryant
Director of Secondary Education
Lenore Kilgore
Supervisor of Special Education
Debi Tabor
Supervisor of Adult Education
Linda Loggans
Office Assistant
Special Education
Emily Helphenstine
Coordinator of Literacy Programs

Pam Stidham
Coordinator of Math Programs
Jimmy Brown, Database Manager
Todd Fields, Network Manager
Barbara Hicks, Technical Support Specialist
Kevin Surgener, Network Communication Support Specialist
Randall Roberts, Technology
Integration Specialist
Hope Parnell, Technology Specialist
Laurie Norris, eLearning Specialist
Dr. Brian Cinnamon, Assistant Supervisor of Special Education and Early Childhood

Dr. Paula Nickels, School Psychologist

Jessica Koon, School Psychologist

Kim Scalf, School Psychologist
Kaye Gillenwater,
Dianne Adkins, Deaf Educator
Kathy Parham, Coordinator of Child Find Program/Homebound Teacher
Sandra Collins,
Homebound Teacher
Tammie Davis
Chief Human Resources Officer
Elaine Minton
Director of Student Services
Peggy Everhart
Office Assistant
Student Services
Ken Barnes
Supervisor of Transportation
Kerri Sensabaugh
Coordinator of
After School Programs
Matthew Smith
Coordinator of Attendance
Todd White
Truancy Intervention Specialist
Misty Keller
Coordinator of
Coordinated School Health
Erin Watkins
Office Assistant
Coordinated School Health
Michele Wilder
Coordinator of
Homeless Education Program
Kay Tribble
Office Assistant
Homeless Education Program
David Frye
Chief Financial Officer
Michael Hubbard
Director of Performance Excellence
Andy True
Chief Information Officer
Anita Hood
Office Assistant/
Fiscal Affairs Secretary
Bill Shedden
Supervisor of Maintenance and
Custodial Services
Vicki Johnston
Supervisor of Nursing
Jennifer Walker
Supervisor of School Nutrition Services
Andria Ball
Office Assistant/Bookkeeper
School Nutrition Services

Nancy Marshall
School Nutirition Services
Field Supervisor
Loretta Mixon
Caroline Glover
Office Assistant/Payroll
Krista English
Senior Accountant
Sandy Slemp
Office Assistant, Maintenance and Custodial Services
Ed Adams
Dennis Bishop
Custodial Services Field Supervisor
Lisa Talman
Assistant Procurement Manager
Amy Neel
Office Assistant

Robin Fain
Office Assistant
Becky Clark
Coordinator of
Student Information Services
Sherrie Easterling
Student Information Services Technician
Marybeth McLain
Communications Editor
Jeff Hall
Media Technology Specialist
Vickie Moore
Human Resources Assistant (Classified)
Angie Price
Human Resources Assistant (Benefits)
Patty Burton
Human Resources Assistant (Certified)
Alisa Emery
Family Resource Assistant
Dr. Chris Hampton, Dobyns-Bennett High School
Shanna Hensley, Cora Cox Academy
Jim Nash, Robinson Middle
Kim Harvey, Sevier Middle
Dr. Stephanie Potter, Adams Elementary
Dr. Holly Flora, Jackson Elementary
Brian Partin, Jefferson Elementary
Stacy Edwards, Johnson Elementary
Shanna Hensley, Kennedy Elementary
Shelia Newland, Lincoln Elementary
Mike Fulkerson,Roosevelt Elementary
Heather Wolf, Washington Elementary
Dr. Brian Cinnamon, Palmer Center
ELL Teachers

Carolyn Ripley
Family Life Educator
LeAnn Broome
Coordinator of
Family Resource Center
April Dunn
Truancy Intervention Assistant
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