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Science with Mrs. Hahn

Procedures and Rules for class

Rhoda Hahn

on 20 August 2015

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Transcript of Science with Mrs. Hahn

Science with Mrs. Hahn
room 410, where the fun happens
email me at: rhahn@westlakeacademy.org
follow tweets at: @mrshahn
IG @mrshahnscience
tutorials: Tues & Thurs
7:35-8:00, afternoon by
Class Expectations
1. Be prepared
2. Be respectful
3. Be safe
4. Technology put away
5. Student Handbook applies
6. Be honest
7. Be your best
General Procedures
1. Be in your seat and ready when you enter class
2. Use a hall pass if you need to leave class
3. Backpacks stored under seat
4. Follow lab safety rules
5. Sign the Tardy log if you are late.
If you are absent, you are responsible for missing work.
Check the Student Center or website for your make-up work.
Materials Needed:
• Pen, Paper, Pencil,
folder, 1-sub spiral
•Graph Paper
• Earbuds, Stylus
Homework, your favorite!
Homework is due 1st thing. No excuses.

No name work follows professional ethics schema.
Late work follows professional ethics schema.
Miss class? Check out iTunes U and the calendar.
Work is always due the day you return, unless it is a
MAJOR project...you MUST turn that in on time.
Academic Dishonesty...
we take it very seriously

What other things can we do
for class to run smooth?

1. I will dismiss you.
*We do NOT line up at the door

2. Keep the room clean. Throw trash away
and clean up after yourself.

3. Read the directions. Please.
4. At the start of class, turn in homework,
find your seat, and get started on
the Bell Work.

5. Please don't touch my personal belongings
without permission. Don't turn water on and
do not mess with orange baskets.

6. When all else fails, just communicate with me.
Ask questions, tell me if you've had a rough day,
whatever it is...just communicate with me.

6. Put your name and info on paperwork as follows:
(At the top right corner of paper)

First and Last Name
If you miss a lab, you must make an appointment to make it up
Tardies disrupt class!!!!
Unexcused: sign the tardy clipboard
Excused: give me your pass immediately

School tardy policy applies
Miss a lab? You must schedule a time within
two days to make it up, or school late work policy
will apply.
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