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Animal Trainer

No description

meghan childers

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Animal Trainer

Trainer Definition At A Glance Career Cluster Look for a four-year college degree in a
scientific field, such as behavioral
psychology, biology, zoology or
animal science. A science degree
will really help you out k An Animal Trainer helps teach animals
skills that they will need to fight battles
as an adult, or to train them to do the
right things. The work involves a lot of physical
- Working with animals takes lots
of patience
- Many trainers have degrees in a
scientific field, such as behavioral
psychology, biology, zoology or animal
science Animal Trainers work in the
Agriculture, Food and Natural
Resources section. Education Meghan Childers
1st period
2-27-13 Salary/Outlook "You’re probably not going to get rich," $10 is a good starting base salary for keepers in the U.S. "People do it because of the passion and interest they have in animals." 5 interesting
facts about
Animal Trainers 1. Animal trainers use different commands to communicate with animals. 2. Dogs, horses and marine animals, such as dolphins, are the three most commonly trained animals in the United States. 3. Some trainers show off their work during performances for the public 4. Often audience members want to get close to the animals to learn more about them 5. "People with limitations and special needs can certainly work with animals,"
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