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My Company

No description

Megan Atkins

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of My Company

My Company
A Brief Summary

Formed in 1993
Grow in a competitive market
The beginning . . .

Gathered 20 + years experience
The largest privately owned company
Dynamic and keeping up with the competition
Kingdom Security Ltd
What Are We Now?
Ever expanding and now nationwide
"Nationwide Service Excellence"
What is to come?
International Service
Spreading to Ireland!
Tripling our size three fold!
Goal: to provide a strong security service
What We Do
Risk, loss & protection of property, people, and brand is our business
Reception & Concierge
Manufacturing, Construction & Civil Engineering
Retail & Public Sector
Events & Close Protection
Mobile Patrol & Response
Social Housing
Commercial Cleaning
So What Do We Do?
Reception & Concierge

Becoming the public face of your company
High quality customer service

Civil Engineering
Retail & Public Sector
Dealing with both passenger transport and cargo

Knight Frank
Harvey Nichols
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria
Central government, local authorities & health care
Trained & tailored to
your business.
Theft & loss
Terrorist threats
A dedicated division of business ambassadors
Local Authorities
Working closely with councils to protect government property
Environmental Protection
Birmingham City Council
Maidstone Council
Knowsley Council
Croydon Council
Cleaner, Safer, Greener
Enforcing the 1990 Environmental Protection Act
Waste disposal
Smoking ban
Illegal distribution of free material
Anti-Social Behaviour
Criminal damage

Health Care
Specifically trained officers to deal with a sensitive environment
Central Manchester NHS
Gloucester Royal Hospital
Bed watch
General building security
Expanding our services
Safety & Security hand in hand
Devise a security solution to protect projects, people property and materials
Morgan Sindall
Tyco Covion
Extensive training tailored
to the engineering and
construction centre
Protecting critical national assets
(Energy, Environmental & Waste)
Drax Power Ltd
Scottish Water

Deep understanding of the energy and environment sector
Specific training to deal with high risk areas
Security innovations on the move
Civilian Transportation
Anti - Terrorism
Sea & Sky
Preforming basic airport and docking
security ensuring that passenger and
property are safe and secure
Bespoke training courses for the
increasing threat of terrorism
British Airways
Transportation Of Property and Goods
Bookers Distribution
Cromasrty Firth Port Authority
Trace, Track, Trail
Specialist security personnel to monitor every step in a products journey, recognize and protect against every growing threats
Events & Close Protection
Safety, Security & Wellbeing
Close & VIP protection
Crowd management and stewarding teams
Consultancy advice
Large Events
Commonwealth Games 2014
My Role
What I have learned & what I now know
We offer a wide range of services to different sectors
Attention to detail
The industry itself
Problem solving

Company Equipment & I.T
Business knowledge!
Welcoming you and your guests
Cadogan - Great War Exhibition
Supersonic Boom South Leicestershire College
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