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Masaccio's Brancacci Chapel

Art History II - ARTS 1304:Group Presentation

Laura Calderon

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Masaccio's Brancacci Chapel

Brancacci Chapel, Santa Maria del Carmine About the Artist Santa Maria del Carmine, Florence Massacio's Brancacci Chapel
• Real name: Tommaso di ser Giovanni di Mone Cassai
•Born on December 21, 1401 in the city-state of Florence
•Died at age 27 (1428) Worked and studied with Giotto, Bruneslleschi, and Donatello
The Brancacci Chapel frescoes are Masaccio's most influential, imitated, and recognized pieces of art
Massacio's artistic technique broke away from Gothic/Byzantine traditions
Often considered the artistic precursor to the Renaissance •Florence, Italy
•Commissioned by Felice Brancacci (merchant, diplomat) in 1423 for his private family chapel
•Three frescoes: Tribute Money, Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden, and Holy Trinity View of the Chapel
Narrative: Stories of St. Peter, beginning on the upper-left corner of the chapel, ending at the lower right corner
Linear perspective: creates the illusion of space within the frames using science and mathematics
Vanishing point (Holy Trinity)
Naturalism: Figures have honest facial and bodily movement/expressions
Chiaroscuro: use of bold light and shade contrasts to create a natural and three-dimensional shape to characters in the paintings
Allusion of light sources coming from outside the frame "The works made before his day can be said to be painted while his are living, real, and natural." -Vasari • Adam and Eve are being expelled from the Garden of Eden for disobeying God’s command of not eating from the tree he placed in the garden.
• Adam and Eve are being herded out by a threatening angel grasping a sword
• Both Adam and Eve are showing major gestures of grief and guilt
• Presented to the left of the Fresco painting “Tribute Money”
• Put in chronological order from left to write
• In the top left corner of the Brancacci Chapel with no framework between the two Fresco painting
• Surrounded by many other paintings from other artist asked to depict a scene from the bible Massacio, Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden, Brancacci Chapel, Santa Maria del Carmine, Florence, Italy, ca. 1424-1427, Fresco, 7' x 2'11" Masaccio, Tribute Money, Brancacci Chapel, Santa Maria del Carmine, Florence, Italy, ca. 1424-1427, Fesco, 8' 41/8" x 19' 7 1/8" 1st Episode: Jesus telling Peter to go find the coin in the fish' mouth on the shore of Lake Galilee
2nd Episode: Saint Peter finds the tribute coin in the fish's mouth
3rd Episode: St. Peter giving the coin to the tax collector
Story comes from Bible, Gospel of Mathew (New Testament)
Who in this episode: St. Peter, Christ and his disciples.
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