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2.4 Techniques used by a coach - Modeling, Goal Setting and Deverloping performer diaries

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Ryan Farrow

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of 2.4 Techniques used by a coach - Modeling, Goal Setting and Deverloping performer diaries

Goal Setting
Checking For Learning
Developing Performer Coaching diaries
1. Why could this be useful for both players
and coaches ?
2 forms of modeling :
Coach or performer demonstration
Video demonstration
Used to increase motivation and confidence .
Out of all the techniques we have look at so far in the unit, pick three that you are most knowledgeable about.
At the start of their career, sports coaches are always encouraged to keep a log of every session they complete and to collate all of their session plans.
Techniques used by coaches to improve the performance of athletes
Learning Outcomes
Unit 5 Sports Coaching
By the end of this lesson you will be able to :
Define Modeling
Goal Setting
Developing performer coaching diaries
What could be the limitations ?
3. How could you model a different way ?
Activity 1
The model is an example of the skill,technique or activity for the athlete to master - shows what is expected of them
Used to paint a picture in the minds of athletes , and to point out key technical instructions .
First stage of the planning process as goals should provide both direction and motivation.
They should reflect on what they and the participants have achieved. Continuous process.
Will also record development of each participant - Record progress over season
when an athlete and coach reflect on the previous season they use this info to look ahead and start to plan short-medium and long term goals
Can you explain a strength and weakness for each technique
Activity 2
Short term-
one day to one month

Medium term-
specific points in the season
Long term-
Shape training over a season or number of years
Using your data from your fitness assessment and Performance profile set your self goals for the following and share with your partner
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