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Leah and khalil

Angela Altazan

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of THE PENNY DEBATE

Get rid of the penny
Should we get rid of our pretty copper penny ??

Support the penny
THere are ways to help keep our penny happy. you can to!! pick up the penny if it is just laying there!! then give it to charity.there are many ways you can support the bpenny to . so please do. dont be :( just be :)
All about pennies !!
Pennies have been around for centuries. Now our socitey is thinking about exacuting pennies. What do you think should we keep the penny or not ??
30% want to get rid of the penny
cost to much to make
the material copper is to expensive
worthless waste of time
pennies dont pay the federal miniumun
Canada got rid of them
dozen of contries got rid of them
people ignore the penny
to small to be useful
Our opinon
Keep the penny

67% of people want to keep the penny
we need pennys for charity
ab lincoln is on the penny
collecters items
what if your 1 cent down
pennies have a minumum wage
prices will increase if we get rid of them.
pennies are sentimental.
nickels have a problem to
Leah and khalil
From the article We know that
pennies are very important we need them for current uses.
Khalil and i think it would be better if we keep the penny because of many reasons, we think we should keep the penny because if your one cent down the penny is there to save you.
Also ab lincoln is on our penny .
pennies have been around for a long time , it be upsetting if we got rid of the penny. it would be more expensive if we got rid of penny. finnaly they are made out of are cheaper thiner material , zinc .

Penny videos
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