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No description

Lilly Robinson

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of reniaissance

Renaissance Was a cultural movementt David, by michelangelo is an example
of high renaissance art The Renaissance age was best
known for its artistic developments This is a self portrait
of Leonardo Da Vinci,
another artist of the
Reniaissance age The creation of Adam
By Michelangelo the reniaissance clothing was to distinguish
the social rank of people as precisley as possible Noble ladies were often the leading trend setters this was another famous painting by michelangelo
called the creation of Adam Renaissance Fencing Elegance and finesse is a required skill
in the renaissance sport called fencing during the renaissance swords did not survive as a primary wepon they became more as a fashion sense Renaissance art the renaissance is a beautiful part of history
filled with tales, wealth, artist and inventors
that exspanded roughly through the 14 & 17 century this time period also had its dark side covered
with cruelty, disease, opression and poverty.
Dark side! in 1350-1450 the bubonic plague
killed half the population in Europe the plague was spread throughout the city by the fleas from rats biting people most people who had it died This period also suffered a devastating
depresson whith half of the population dead
merchants and tradesmen did not have
enough sales to sustain the economy Renaissance music the lute was the most popular instrument
in the renaissance period many instruments orignated
during the renaissance Renaissance science this age could also be considered a
science revolution Renaissance clothing the renaissance saw significant changes
on how the world was viewed art and science intermingled Leonardo da Vinci was not just a wonderful artist
he was also a great scientist too. he was sometimes classified as
"father of modern science." Galileo Galilei also played a major role in the
science revolution he made improvements to the telescope Galileo was a physicist,
mathematician, philosopher,
and astromoner nude sculptures were commonly made
because they were seen as the "perfect
form" of the human body
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