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On holiday



on 28 June 2014

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Transcript of On holiday

On holiday
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
*Which of the following activities do you find most appealing? Why?
Read the advertisements 1-5 on page 9 quickly and match them with the headings and pictures a-e below.
Read the advertisements 1-5
Imagine that you are on vacation in the USA and you
are interested in the trips and vacations advertised.
Read the advertisements again and answer the
questions 1-12. Choose a, b, c or d.
Match the highlighted words/phrases in the advertisements with the meanings below. There are two extra meanings which you do not need to use.
Unit: 1

Driving a racecar
Scuba diving with sharks
White-water rafting
Bungee jumping
شِAstronaut training
*If you were interested in taking part in one or more of the activities above, what information would you like to know?
White-Water Rafting Trips in Colorado
Extreme Sports and Stunt Vacation in Las Vegas
Mario Andretti and Jeff Gordon Racing School
San Diego Shark Diving Trips
Zero-gravity Flight Experience
1. You are visiting the USA this month and you want to go on a low-cost, one-day trip. Which option should you choose?
a. 2 b. 3 c. 4 d. 5

2. Which trips provide you with something to remember them by?
a. 1 and 2 b. 2 and 3 c. 2 and 4 d. 2 and 5

3. You are thinking of taking a trip that will bring you close to nature. Which should you choose?
a. 1 and 2 b. 2 and 4 c. 2 and 5 d. 3 and 5

4. You and your friends love to travel at high speeds. Which options are best for you?
a. 1 and 2 b. 1 and 3 c. 3 and 5 d. 1 and 5

5. Your seventeen-year-old brother is 6 feet tall and in good shape. What can’t he do?
a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 5

6. One of your friends wants to go on a trip with you, but he is not very fit. What shouldn’t you do?
a. 2 and 3 b. 1 and 2 c. 1 and 3 d. 3 and 4

7. Your brother loves water sports and other waterrelated activities. Which options suit him best?
a. 1 and 2 b. 3 and 5 c. 2 and 4 d. 2 and 5

8. You are spending next summer’s vacation with your friends and you want to stay under a $1000 budget. Which options should you choose?
a. 1 and 5 b. 1 and 4 c. 1 and 3 d. 1 and 2

9. Your parents usually go on trips where lodging and meals are all-inclusive. Which are the best options for them?
a. 1 and 2 b. 3 and 5 c. 4 and 5 d. 2 and 5

10. Your father works for a big company and wants to arrange an extreme vacation for the company staff. Which vacations would be most suitable according to the advertisements?
a. 1 and 3 b. 1 and 4 c. 4 and 5 d. 1 and 5

11. You do not want to go on a trip that requires you to pay extra for equipment. Which should you avoid?
a. 1 and 2 b. 2 and 3 c. 3 and 5 d. 2 and 5

12. You think that a vacation should also have some educational value. Which is the most suitable?
a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4
1. wrecking
2. purchase
3. complimentary
4. cater to
5. certified
6. mandatory
a. produce
b. having official qualifications
c. free of charge
d. buy
e. old-fashioned
f. obligatory
g. destroying
h. provide services to
Thank you for listen
how much Square in the picture?
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