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Ballet at DCJ Dance

No description

m golici

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Ballet at DCJ Dance


Ballet started in 1600 at France.In France it was important that people danced for the King and Queen. The royal family practiced dancing and they showed off to each other of their talent they have and skills.Alot of people who tour Europe in companies and soloists got ballet in the U.S.A. In the 20th ballet got very serious in the U.S.A with Performances.
Famous Dancers:Anna Pavlova and Fanny Elssler.A Russian born dancer,Mikhail Baryshnikov one of the most popular dancer of the 20th century,his dancing inspired a new generation.
Jazz is fast, sharp, and lively fun it is very popular for that and it influences people to do Jazz. Jazz came from the African slaves.Time passed and European moves got mixed with Jazz.Even more time passed and it changed with more elements of dance.As we know it began with ragtime and Jazz music in the early 1900.New Orleans was the home of this kind of music.Jazz music is made from horns, clarinets, banjos, and pianos,these instruments play lively tunes thought out the city.Jazz dancers soon performed in big shows that went across the country, including music, comedy, and dancing.These variety shows were call Vaudeville.

Jazz dancing borrowed steps from popular social dances with animals and food like the monkey, the pony, the chicken, and the mashed potato
My resources and life experience!!! I love to dance. I have danced since I was 2 1/2 years old. I have put lot of time and effort into it and now I got in a competition team! I love it and that is my dream job.

My resource was a book from my library called "Dance for fun" by Balinda Craig-Quijada.

Hip-Hop started as an entertainment on the streets of South Bronx in New York City. It spread world wide through music videos. Hip-Hop is a collage of different dance styles. Hip-Hop is sometimes very acrobatic, dancers spinning on their heads or doing crazy flips. Hip-Hop dancing usually takes place in a circle with dancers dancing on the sidelines and taking turns doing solos in the middle. Good Hip-Hop dancers develop their own special moves!!

Thank You for watching my Prezi
Maria Golici

Making rhythm with your feet is all tap dancing is. With a little help of metal plates called taps, tap dancers click, drag, and stomp endless combinations of rhythm. Broadway tap is quick, light and often involve big groups. Rhythm's tap is about noise, speed, heavy bold stomping. It uses every part of your shoe.
Famous Tap Dancers:
Fred Astaire, one of the most famous tap dancers of the 20th century, featured tapper and Broadway tap in many of his movies.
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