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Mansi Gupta

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Sexting

BY: ADITI & MANSI Sexting sexting Legislation COMMONWEALTH STATUTE
Part 10.6 of the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act 1995:
It is an offense to access, transmit, publish, possess, control, supply, or obtain child pornography.

NSW Crimes Act 1900 Is the law effective? A 17 year old girl can have sex with her boyfriend, but if she films it and sends it to her partner, has she broke the law? Case Study Damien Eades, 20 years old, was at the centre of Australia's first sexting case, after a schoolgirl sent a nude photo of herself to his mobile.

Mr Eades, then 18, was working at a KFC outlet and was busy exchanging text messages with a 13-year-old girl with whom he had become friends. Sexting What is it?
Sexting is taking naked or partly naked photos or videos of yourself (posing in a sexual way) and sharing the photos or videos with others online or through your mobile phones. Role Play Commonwealth Child Pornography
Sexting is ILLEGAL if under the age of 18 years. Nsw Child Pornography
Sexting is ILLEGAL if under the age of 16 years Punishments:
Sex Offender's Registration

Up to 10 years imprisonment NO YES What does the law say? She is over the legal of consent, 16, according to NSW Child Pornography Law. She is not over the legal of consent, 18, according to Commonwealth Child Pornography Law. Is it an effective law? New Voices/New Laws at UNSW found that people with disabilities had higher rates of sexting.

They are vulnerable and are exploited by people who tell them to do such ridiculous things. Is it an effective law? Law enforcement agencies for SEXTING AFP Crime Prevention Media Australian Communications and Media Authority Australian Federal Police Child Protection Services OVERVIEW OF THE EFFECTIVENESS OF SEXTING LAWS Sexting laws:
Commonwealth Child Pornography
Nsw Child Pornography
NSW Crimes Act 1900 Fail to help people acknowledge that they have committed a crime Are inconsistent and fail to be easily understood Do not inform and empower the youth Are not flexible and cannot respond to changing circumstances Reasons for INEFFECTIVENESS: Eades: ''When am I going to get a picture. I send you one if you send me one a hot steamy one.''
Girl: ''OK well when I get home I take one Hey did you get the one I sent the other day.''
Eades: ''No, it's still heaps dead but it's all good paid for nothing."
Girl: "Yes, yes I do like so I only got to send one of top half sorry for the slow reply but I'm in the shower."
Eades: "Send whatever you want bottom even better."
Girl: "But do I get one?"
Eades: "Yes not while I'm at work though." Possible charges: Act of indecency NSW Child Pornography Sex Offender Registry Causing someone under the age of 16 to do an act of indecency knowing it will be photographed (NSW Law) ---up to 10 years in prison Asking someone aged 14-16 to make child pornography (NSW law) - up to 10 years in prison Sex offender register is a police database of people convicted of sexually abusing children Was the outcome fair and justice? The girl was not punished Eades was not given a severe punishment Mr Damien Eades
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