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Effective PR measurement

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on 3 December 2018

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Transcript of Effective PR measurement

Effective (Social Media) Measurement for Public Relations
It is (mostly) the PR practitioners' fault that Public Relations has so little value
Use these!
Prof Dr Ana Adi
@ana_adi | www.anaadi.net

Focus on what matters
How does look like?
What can do*?
* realistically and with the resources you have available
Social media is about you.
not always
not all the time
The Barcelona Principles

#dankhelm had more than 7,2m views
on Twitter, 3.700 tweets and topped the German rankings.

All this was followed by a media success. More than 1.000 reports worldwide.

Media attention reached
2.3bn online
2.7m print
2.6m radio
1.6m tv

The campaign was picked up in 14 countries. The „House of German History“ has requested a poster as a document of contemporary history.

The campaign has caused a lively debate on the subject of bike helmets.

A new campaign phase is now being planned.
Several thousand children will now receive new helmets!
Can you come up with better objectives and measurement?
Control mutuality
Exchange relationship
Communal relationship

Can you come up with better objectives and measurement?
Can you come up with better objectives and measurement?
Contribute to environmental protection by reducing harmful emissions

Trigger a long-term environmental movement along rail travelers

1 rail km = 1 green point

that can be donated towards environmental projects in Austria
"As of 16 June 2015, the project has attracted over 10,000 registered members, which together have collected 13.9 million Green Points and have therefore covered 13.9 million km by train in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner".
Our communication objective was to make potential travellers from our key visitor markets aware of Chengdu’s natural resources, as measured by awareness and related media coverage.

To complicate these challenges, prevailing Western media attitudes persist towards an increasingly powerful China, so Chengdu’s story needed to be told by trusted third-party influencers in traditional and social media – not the Chinese government.
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