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Robots In Agriculture

No description

Kendra Gastin

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Robots In Agriculture

By: Kendra, Sia, Loreal, Trevone, Emilee Robots In Agriculture What tasks do the robots perform?
What human function does this robot simulate? Rice planters plant rice in rice fields, robotic milkers milk cows in barns or in milking factories, and fruit pickers pick fruit in fruit fields. Some types of agricultural robots are rice planters, robotic milkers, and fruit pickers. The robots are programmed depending on what its task is. If it's a fruit picking robot, the ground sensors will be set accordingly and the camera's height will be set to the right height to collect the most fruit. How is the robot taught to perform its task? Agricultural robots use a combination of advanced sensors, cameras, software, and technology. Robot Sensors For most agricultural robots yes. The robotic milker and fruit picker both are multi-functional while the rice planter is not Is the robotic end effector multi-functional? Advantages and Disadvantages Of Using Agricultural Robots Advantages Disadvantages They could protect human workers from the harmful effects of handling chemicals by hand and through a system of high spraying .
Robots could reduce up to 80% of a farms use of pesticides. It costs money to make or buy robots.
Needs maintenance to keep it running.
Farmers could lose their jobs. Advantages and Disadvantages Advantages They could protect human workers from the harmful effects of handling chemicals by hand.
Robots could reduce up to 80% of farm's use of pesticide. Disadvantages It sometimes can cost too much money to make or buy it.
You may lose labor for farmers. What type of jobs can these robots create to provide employment? These robots may perform more or different tasks in the future by making it have more features such as, identifying, spraying and picking individual pieces in the future from plants. How are these robots altered to perform more or different tasks in the future? Robots In Agriculture THE END These robots can create jobs for people who have to make the robots and who have to fix the robots. By: Kendra, Sia, Emilee, Trevone, and Loreal Robots in Agriculture By: Anastasia, Loreal, Emilee, Trevone, Emilee, and Kendra There is a robot for just about every job a farmer has to do . These robots assist the farmer in many ways.
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