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See The World

No description

Kimberly Espinola c:

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of See The World

by: Steven Herrick Presentation By : Kimberly and Priscila Based on the tile "See The World" this poem will be about having different perspectives about the world, & how different people see it. T: Title Prediction 1. Whenever me and my brother get tired of playing games or watching TV, my dad says that it's time to do something different and fun.
2. we climb,carefully, up to the roof and look out to what we see, the birds flying, the trees swaying in the wind, our cubby house, the distant city, all below us.
3.And then dad, my brother and i lie back, look up and watch the beautiful clouds and sky and dream that we're flying, flying in peacefulness. I'm sure i never want to land. P: Paraphrase C: Connotation "The birds flying below us, The trees swaying below us, our cubby house below us, the distant city below us". All these things aren't really below them, but since they are on the roof of their house they feel like they are very high & tall. A: Attitude/ Tone The author's attitude and tone throughout this poem is very happy and calm. The character talks about how he loves spending time with his brother and dad and how they are on their roof imagining that they're flying. they do these things because they are bored and want to have fun and spend some time together as a family. S: shift I don't believe that there is a mood shift in the poem because the mood and the tone stay the same throughout the poem. Therefore the tone that the author put into this poem is happy, joyful, and calm and has no climax or change at all. T: Title My prediction was a incorrect because the poem was mainly about a dad teaching his kids another way way to have fun & enjoy themselves, and not about having different perspectives towards different people & the world. T: Theme The theme of this poem is that once in a while you should put down your phone, stop watching TV and enjoy the outdoors and use your great imagination with your family. Enjoy the time that you can have with your family and friends instead of wasting your time with electronics. All you need is a little bit of thinking and your family and just enjoy the moments together. Connection A connection can be made from the poem to the world. Based on this poem we shouldn't always be entertained and worried about electronics that can waste our time, instead we should spend time with family and friends and enjoy the time we have while we have it. With imagination and the right friends the sky is the limit.
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