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Operating Systems

About 1. Definicion 2. Main tasks 3 Examples 4 Talk about most used Opeating Systems with Estadistics

Jose Mercado

on 4 September 2010

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Transcript of Operating Systems

Operating Systems. --Definicion-- An operating system is the most important of all programs that run in a computer, this is because, in order to run other programs we need an Operating system! [[Main Tasks]] The Operating Systems do the basics when performing tasks. Such as, input from the keybord, sending output to the display screen, keeping track of files and directories on the disk and controling Pheripheral devices. This are such as disk drives and printers //Examples// Microsoft Windows: This is used mainly than others and is 90% of the market share.
Mac's Famous Mac OX has got his popularity too both microsoft and Mac together with Mozilla Fire fox are practicvaly the nmost used Operating Systems. **Most used Opeating Systems with Estadistics** As we may see microsoft is the highest. Lastimatously I could only get 2008...but I still with no doubt believe that Micosoft is number 1! Let's see this Video!
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