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Jessica Miller

on 21 September 2013

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Transcript of QUIZ BOWL

2013-14 RES LIFE
The duty system is not just for assistance but functions as a primary means of communication regarding important information. It is the Professional Staff member's responsibility to make an assessment as to the severity of a situation.
Test Question (100 pts)
Rules of the Game
What does UOPD stand for?
Each team will have an opportunity to answer a question provided to them. If they get the answer correct, they get the full points. If they incorrectly answer the question, the next team will have the opportunity to answer the same question for half points. And so forth.
Test Question Answer
University of Oregon Police Department
In general, why should you use the on-call system? (not specific incidents, at least 3 ways)
General Emergency Issues
Emergency Facilities Issues
To resolve issues when a supervisor is unreachable
For assistance when responding to incidents
To receive support when needed
To pass on information about ongoing incidents
According to emergency procedure, who would you call for a non life-threatening emergency?
During and earthquake, what should you do first?
Protect yourself!
Get under something solid, wait for shaking to stop, assist others in staying calm, and avoid falling fixtures, lights, and windows.

In some situations the RL staff member must report to a supervisor or the PRO staff on call immediately, while in other situations UOPD or 911 must be alerted first. / Which of the following three incidents would need to be reported to UOPD/911 first?

Physical Assault
Is it within the Residence Life Staff member's duty to provide medical aid to a resident or staff member in need?
NO! Do not render medical aid unless you are certified and are comfortable doing so.
Team Play Challenge!
Work with your teammates to put the Specific Protocol into the correct order. Whichever team finishes first, with the correct answers, wins 400 points!
When dealing with confrontation, if a resident chooses not to open their door, what should student staff do?
The student staff should explain that they will have to document the situation and may need to call for extra assistance.
Though it is best to write Incident Reports immediately after the incident, while the details are still fresh in your mind, it occasionally takes a night to finish things up. / By what time is the IR due the next morning.
8:00 AM
If there is an incident where you are unable to report all of the information by that time, student staff will need to contact the PRO Staff On Call to request a delayed report. The following information will need to be sent to the PRO Staff On Call:
Students involved
A brief description of the issues involved
A brief description of response to this point
Expected timeline for follow-up and completion of report

If you see an assault or altercation in progress, what should you as student staff do?

Call UOPD right away!
Keep yourself safe! UOPD is in charge of the scene, assist when possible.
If a student secretes a bodily fluid (blood, semen, vomit, or fecal matter) and it needs to be cleaned, who should be called?
From 7am-4pm: Call your community's custodial
From 4pm-10pm: Call 541-913-0043
From 10pm-7am: Call 541-514-7223

Then the incident should be included in the duty log and emailed to the supervisor of the building if there was anything unusual to note.

What is the difference in procedure when a bomb threat is made in a joking tone, versus in a menacing tone?
Consider all bomb threat calls as real. If you are taking the call, note characteristics of the caller's voice, background noise, date, time, reason for bombing, ect.
If a letter or note is received, turn it over to UPOD immediately and handle it as little as possible.

If you come upon the use of a drug other than marijuana, what should you do?
Contact UOPD immediately
Notify PRO Staff On Call
Assist UOPD in collecting information.
All drug paraphernalia should be disposed of by UOPD or EPD.
An IR should be written and submitted by 8am the next morning.

Who is the first person of contact you would connect with when a student is showing signs of suicidal ideation?
Pro Staff on Call
If the student is expressing suicidal threat, call UOPD immediately and then notify the Pro Staff on Call.

Why is it important to know all residents with a disability or mobility concern in regards to emergency situations?
You must know all residents with disabilities or mobility concerns in order to ensure UOPD is able to provide the necessary assistance in any emergency scenario.
List at least 3 hazards you should be aware of when handling an alcohol overdose/poisoning situation?
Choking- due to food or drink ingestion, or vomiting
Student becoming non-responsive
Slower breathing (which indicates a student moving toward non-responsive)
Crowding that leads to inability to access the student
When a Bias Related Incident includes vandalism, what extra step(s) may your supervisor or Pro Staff on Duty ask you to take?
Take a picture with the duty phone.
If a student staff member identifies the odor of marijuana, what should they do?
Identify the origin of the odor
if alone contact another staff member.
Then contact UOPD
wait until they arrive to confront the situation.
In the case of a drug overdose, list at least three things you may need to do while you await emergency responders (911 and UOPD)?
What 3 points of information do you need before calling the Professional Staff on Call?
Names, Location, and a Description of the Situation
As much information as possible (who, what, when, where, how?)
There should be enough information so you and the Professional Staff on Call can make an informed decision.

When dealing with eating disorders, what are (at least) two applicable resource on campus?
University Counseling and Testing Center
University Health Center
Physical Education and Recreation
(Not accepting any other answers as we are not certain other offices/programs are trained in handling eating disorders)

What three questions should you ask a student with a minor illness or injury?
How long have you been ill?
What are your symptoms?
Have you sought out medical attention?
You are in your room after a long day, when you smell rotten eggs. It only takes you a moment to realize this could be a gas leak. / List at least three things you should do in response.
Remove yourself from the area!
Treat the gas leak like a fire, but DO NOT PULL the fire alarm to trigger the building evacuation (it may cause sparks and ignite the leak).
Evacuate people as you leave.
Call 911 and the PRO staff On Call.
Wait for emergency personnel to arrive.

Question 1
If a student approaches you about (an) item(s) stolen from their room, what are at least 2 actions you would take?

Round 1:
100 pts
Round 2:
400 pts
Report incident in the duty log.
Inform the students THEY can file a report to UOPD/EPD
Ask the student if they feel safe in their room.
Notify Pro Staff on Duty if they do not feel safe in their room.
Support student if they choose to contact Police
Question 2
Question 3
Noise Violation
Alcohol Related Incident (Non-Transport)
Physical Assault
Question 4
Question 5
Question 6
Question 7
Question 8
Question 9
Question 10
Question 11
Question 12
Question 1
Question 2
Question 3
Question 4
Question 5
Keep an eye on the student.
Keep them talking if they are responsive.
Keep them warm.
Ask a resident/friend to put a non-responsive student into Recovery Position, if no one is willing, do it yourself.
Deter ingestion of food, drink, or medication

Question 6
Question 7
Question 8
Question 9
Question 10
Question 11
What are the 3 questions you should ask someone whom you believe is expressing suicidal ideation?
Are you thinking of killing yourself?
Do you have a plan?
Do you have the means to carry out that plan?

Question 12
In the case of a food fight, who should you contact?
Team Play Challenge!
The Right Answer
Some questions may have multiple answers, but we will be looking for specific answers that are the most important answers. If you do not provide the answer we are looking for, you may not earn the points in spite of providing a "technically" right answer.
Thanks for Playing!
You have 60 seconds! As a team think of as many situations where you will need to call UOPD before calling the Pro Staff on Duty. 50 points for every correct answer provided.
When you call UOPD FIRST:
Alcohol overdose/poisoning
Armed robbery
Bomb threat
Drug use
Physical assault
Riots or major disturbances
Student death
Student injury
(that requires transportation to hospital)
Food fight
Suspected gas leak
Intruder in Residence Hall
Student displaying sign of suicidal threat
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