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a unique DOUBLE Masters in 12-18 months

Consider this fantastic option of completing a DOUBLE masters in 12-18 months. Best of all, it will only cost you the price of one.

Pedo Collins

on 4 April 2017

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Transcript of a unique DOUBLE Masters in 12-18 months

a DOUBLE master's degree with a difference
so you want to study for a Masters in the UK ?
would you consider a double Masters?
so how does this double degree work?
At Anglia Ruskin University, a masters degree is just 12-18 months.
so in essence it looks like this:
so upon completion, you will receive TWO Masters degrees
plus, you would have studied in two European countries
UK and Netherlands or UK and Switzerland
especially if we told you that:

1. You can complete both in
just 12 or 18 months? and..
2. you will only have to pay for
ONE degree ?

1. Netherlands
2. Switzerland
Semester 1
Anglia Ruskin University
MA International Business
6 months
Semester 2
Hanze University - Groningen, Netherlands
6 months
Semester 2
University of Applied Sc & Arts - Basel, Switzerland
MSc International Management
6 months
The Awards:
MA International Business & MBA
The Awards:
MA International Businss &
MSc International Management
The living experience gained would be invaluable
It will give you an edge when it comes to your career prospects especially in International Business
For the DOUBLE degree, you will study half the time in the UK and for the other half, you have two choices:
entry requirements
via the 3 months Pre-Masters
A Bachelors degree or 3 Year Diploma or 15 years of education
English language:
IELTS 5.5 for all components (or 4-0-4.5 via pre-sessional course)

interested? then contact us
or to secure a place, visit:
or write to us via cric@anglia.ac.uk
brought to you by...
This prezzi was brought to you by CRIC, an Assoc International College of Anglia Ruskin University
Cambridge Ruskin International College
Anglia Ruskin University
East Rd,
Cambridge, CB1 1PT
entry requirements
A Bachelors Degree (2.2 min)

English language:
IELTS 6.5 overall and min 6.0 in all components
via the Masters Degree
let me explain EACH option individually:
first, the Netherlands option and then the Switzerland option
Semester 1
Anglia Ruskin University
(MA International Business)
6 months
The TWO Degrees:
Semester 2
Hanze University
6 months
Netherlands option*
Semester 1
Anglia Ruskin University
(MA International Business)
6 months
The TWO degrees:
Semester 2
University of Applied Sc and Arts
(MSc International Management)
6 months
Switzerland option
* 2 Years Work Experience
is required for entry
into this option
MA International Business
& an
MA International Business
MSc International Management
& an
so what is it that makes this so GOOD?
apart from the obvious (2 degrees for one fee),
1. Multinational companies look for people with adaptability skills especially in a career such as International Business.

2. So many people can now say they have a degree from overseas. Your 'multi-country' degree will be seen as unique and will be attractive

3. It will add an edge to your CV
sounds GOOD ?
TWO degrees ONE Fee
Download detailed info sheets about this fabulous course here:
Pre-Master's - £4,700
Master's - £10,000
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