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MITE6310 (1) Understanding innovation

No description

Bob Fox

on 24 May 2017

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Transcript of MITE6310 (1) Understanding innovation

Innovative Practices in Education Through IT
Introduction to the module
Assignments and Activities
Ways of working and module expectations
Understanding innovations
Module outline:
Examines innovative practices in education through the integration of IT
Investigates case studies to examine concepts and models of what constitutes innovative practice in a variety of educational settings
Explores the proposition that technology can act as a lever for innovation and change in education
Module learning outcomes:
Evaluate concepts and models of innovative practices in education through the integration of ICT
Analyze IT-based innovative practices in education at classroom and school level
Understand educational change issues in connection to innovative practices through ICT adoption
Assessment Task 1. Group Work (50%)
Individuals in groups complete weekly activities uploaded to the group blog
Using the research-based SITES-M2 study’s research framework, groups identify and analyse recent example(s) of technology-based innovative practices
Group develops an e-portfolio blog to include:
analysis of the case(s)
links to research/case studies on innovation
engagement in activities online to address questions about innovative practices
Assessment 2: Individual Task (50%)
Choose 1 or 2 or 3:

1. Develop a proposal (about 2,500 words) for an institution, including the design and implementation planning for technology-based innovative practices

2. Develop an innovative use of technology to support teaching and learning in a given context. Explain why you think this is an innovative use of technology (about 2500 words)

3. Select one of the eight topics in this module. Develop a 'stand-alone' online resource or learning object, covering the main areas in the topic and include learning resources and activities for students to complete
Working & Studying Expectations
Meet new colleagues, then -
Create a group of 4/5
What do you hope to gain from attending this module?
In groups compile a list of key points
Submit to Moodle discussion forum in session 1
Include the name of each group member, noting where members work
Understanding Innovations
Group Task:
identify what is an innovation
identify what is innovative practice
Group Task
Identify a specific application of a technology in the workplace
Is this use innovative?
Is the technology leveraging change?
If so what kind of change?
Sustaining or disruptive..........
MARKS for the e-Portfolio blog:
Individual and group completion of weekly activities
Individual and group case study analyses, links to related research, models and resources, presentations and feedback on the case study work and those of the group
Critical reflections in relation to the integration of innovative practice and change concepts and models
Evidence of active individual participation in group work as well as engagement in reflecting on other groups’ work
Is this innovative?
Is this innovative practice?
If so, what makes it innovative practice?
Image from: www.youtube.com/watch?v=yORQRGvJsoQ&feature=related
A framework to explore and compare innovative practices
ICTs in Learning and Teaching
Are they Sustaining or Transformative Technologies?
Christensen (1997) Sustaining and Disruptive Technologies
Sustaining technologies: foster improved performance of existing, established systems
Disruptive technologies: create new pathways and support totally new systems - digital camera, fundamental changes in how we take and use photos - the immediacies of digital images
Both can be innovative
Transformative Technology
Repositioning the teacher and changing her role?
Transformative uses of ICT in schools and the classroom
What evidence is there that ICT contributes to fundamental pedagogical changes?
What are the identifying characteristics of these ICT-supported pedagogical practices?
What models of ICT-based change and innovation - contribute to sustainable and escalating 'mainstream' educational change?
What strategies/policies can leverage successful systemic ICT-pedagogical change?
Law, Yuen, Fox, 2011
Case Studies of IPPUT (Innovative Pedagogic Practices using Technology)
SITES M2 Study with 174 cases from 28 education systems/countries (Kosma, 2003)
SITES M2 Case studies
Shared framework for collecting and analysing IPPUT data
Rich data - wide range of national and regional contexts...
Introduction to the database
SOLO Assessment Instrument
Image Source: http://www.johnbiggs.com.au/images/solo_taxonomy.jpg
Create a group ePortfolio blog
Post name and URL of blog to Moodle Forum
Identify one example from your group of an educational ICT-innovation and it's impact on practice (200 words)

An online rubric based on assessments above will be developed to enable students to more effectively monitor their own learning strategies
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