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Nepotism and Ethics

No description

Eric Jacobson

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Nepotism and Ethics

Con's What is Nepotism?
Why is it an ethical dilemma?
What values are in conflict? Virtue Ethics Will nepotistic hires make the organization better?

Can the company defend their decision for a nepotistic hire to the public?

Is the policy consistent with the mission of the organization? Deontology Recommendation Pro's Ethics of Nepotism Look into local and state laws
Review your organization's policy
Involve HR
Have an open door policy
Immediately investigate, address, and resolve
Eliminate gossip Manager has employee he can trust, perhaps more loyalty

Employee benefits from getting a good job

Organization will benefit if they are the best candidate

Must not adversely impact other employees Universal Law? What would happen if everyone hired their relatives?

Is the hire a "means" more than an "ends"?

Stakeholders lose if employee is not most qualified Utilitarianism Perception
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