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marketing research wendys


Assaf Ofir

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of marketing research wendys

Research Questions & Objectives Wendy’s marketing strategy should be centered on customer satisfaction If Wendy’s promotes more, they
can have a more effective marketing
strategy. Informing the customer is
the main issue at hand Target market is very broad. If Wendy’s determines its target market more thoroughly, they will be able to come up with products that please their target market. How can Wendy's have an effective marketing strategy? What kind of attractive bargains can Wendy’s promote to get customers into the restaurant? 99 Value Menu Super Value Menu Choosing Side Dish {Variety} Competitive Advantage Fresh Meat Not Frozen Meat Research Hypothesis The effective marketing of Wendy's competitive advantage will influence customers in a positive way The innovation of new products or services should be acted upon quickly in order to maintain a competitive advantage Type of Method to collect data
Experience Survey: Price
Quality of food
Fast Service
Variety Data Collection Method Location: Wendy's near south campus on Main st.
Watch random customers come in and order
Ask them to fill out survey once they have ordered
Collect it right on the spot What we found out from the survey:
Additional prefrences

The End Questions?
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