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lululemon athletica Media Plan

Megan Koval 54-2900 04

megan koval

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of lululemon athletica Media Plan

Competition Target Market Demographics Psychographics Marketing Objectives Media Objectives Increase brand awareness among the
target audience by 30 percent in one year Media Strategies and Mix Geography Seasonality Budget TV History purchase motives usage styles lifestyle comfortable stylish trendy Yoga Pilates Running Tennis iconic logo young momma's suburbian's dedicated to looking good
while working out disposable income Acquaint target market about lululemon's beneficial brand features
and advantages among competitor products leading to a 20 percent
increase in sales in one year. Introduce lululemon brand extension "Rootimentary" which will increase
sales 10 percent in the next year. 15 percent proceeds go towards Nature
Conservancy. Increase brand extension awareness Concentrate advertising in the months of May - June.
Non-traditional advertising all throughout campaign.
1998 made for yoga women Chip Wilson innovative Increase national awareness Spring cleaning! bright! happy! vulnerable! Top 10 Healthiest: San Jose, Washington, San Francisco, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Oakland, Sacramento, Orange County, Denver, Austin
Top 3 cities population rate: Chicago, New York, Los Angeles TV MOST IMPORTANT PART OF MY CAMPAIGN $7 million25% during the day = $1.75 million 250x700 = 138 TRPs50% prime time = $3.5 million it costs 25,300 a point/3,500,000 = 138 TRPs25% late night = $1.75 million 20,000 = 88 TRPsTOTAL: 476/100 points per week = 4.76 weeks of televisionMagazines $1.1 millionMonthly: Elle magazine $100,000 $100,000 x 5ti = $500,000 Monthly: Cosmopolitan $222,000 purchase 3 times. $222,000 x 3ti = rate of $666,000Internet $1 millionCost per thousand = $10 a thousandTwitter$500,000/10 = 50,000 impressionsFacebook$500,000/10 = 50,000 impressionsOUT OF HOME OOH: $1 million
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