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Commercial assignment

My prezi on persuasuve techniques in commercials!

Yasoda Cooray

on 25 October 2016

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Transcript of Commercial assignment

What is advertising?
An advertisement or ad, is an announcement in public promoting a product, service, or event. Examples of ads are posters, billboards, and of course, commercials!
Persuasive Techniques
Leaning Over
Is this commercial bias?
People of all ages!
The audience that this commercial is leaning towards is everybody, since almost everyone eats Doritos.
A lot of people who want to sell their products, use different ways to convince or "persuade" other people to buy them. Some people use humor, or include celebrities, while others use scientific proof, or use normal people like us. But just remember, some of the things they tell you will be true, and some things aren't. It's all about the money.
Commercial assignment

By Yasoda
Convincing Stuff!
Humor- Child being rude to the adult

Plain Folks- No celebrities or famous icons

No, it's not, because it's only talking about Doritos and nothing else, and also because they're not saying that it's better than other chips brands.
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