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Scholarship Guide (Overcome the rising costs of college)

No description

Gavin Basuel

on 25 June 2014

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Transcript of Scholarship Guide (Overcome the rising costs of college)

The Scholarship Strategy Guide
By: Gavin Basuel

Overcome the rising costs of college
By the end of High school
Goal: Get as much financial aid from scholarships to overcome the rising costs of higher education in college.

Apply To 15 Scholarships before graduation
#1 Narrow Down
-Do not apply for all scholarships
-Look for those that are more specific to you
-Search for a scholarship with a small pool of recipients
(nation (usually more people applying) state, local levels (less people applying)
#2 Do Excellent Work
The current situation
My financial goal after college
#3 Be focused and Well Organized
-take necessary steps
-organized scholarships
-ask office in advance for transcripts
-make a checklist (dont slack off)
Why do we pay so much for tuition in my generation?
How are students today able to overcome the rising costs?
How to find and complete scholarships in the most efficient way?
Challenges and opportunities
Identify the problem
Explain what success will bring
I will show you how!
For example:
Great Filipino scholarship of mill creek: $500
Requirements: Filipino, Plays Sports, 3.0 GPA+, and lives in Mill creek, high school senior.

During my search...
How to stay laser focused and organized
What to do before hand:
-Get a letter of recommendation
-Get transcripts
-Have a resume at hand

-organize scholarships
-make sure they are top quality
-Find a place where you can store you scholarship account information
Do not slack off on this part!
Why do we pay so much for tuition in my generation?
A: Inflation of Economy
(one of the reasons)
How are students today able to overcome the rising costs?
A: Scholarships
How to find and complete scholarships in the most efficient way?
A: Just follow my simple 3 step strategy!
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Sewell's LOR expressed his belief of:
- how well of an athlete I am
-certain characteristics that he sees in me that will help me be successful in their program
-my character

This great reference helped increase my chances for getting a spot on the team.
-...High quality work
- Recommendation quality is based upon the quality of your work

-Also...Be Genuine, it will pay off eventually
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My skills, strengths, interests & values
• Skills: Persistence, Performing, Flexibility, Listening, Concentrating

• Work Interest: Achievement, Recognition, and Relationships

• Career Interests: Investigative career (career within medicine)

• Top Value: Be genuine
Type of Learner
• Auditory Learner

• Interpersonal, Logical-Mathamatical, Bodily-kinesthetic
How did you use your skills, strengths and interests to complete your project.
• I used my skills in order to develop my own strategy for researching and completing scholarships in an efficient way. Ultimately, scholarships would help me become more financially stable as I advance towards my career interest of medicine.
Project Modifications
Describe the revisions you will make to your overall (5 year) Personal Development Plan.
Random scholarships
Filipino Scholarships
Mill Creek Scholarships
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