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The Journey through Photosynthesis

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reagan Gerety

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of The Journey through Photosynthesis

The Journey through Photosynthesis
Cellular respiration
Don't look now but we are in the mitochondria to experience cellular respiration. Now that I am a Glucose molecule. The first stage of cellular respiration, is glycolis. We just need to go right outside the mitochondria. I am being broken down into pyruvate, and ATP is being released. No oxygen is needed at this time.
In the process of photosynthesis there are two reactions/cycles. The light dependent cycle and the light independent cycle. "The light dependent reactions trap the energy from sunlight to form ATP and NADPH molecules, giving off oxygen gas. The light independent reactions use that chemical energy and carbon dioxide to build stable long-term energy storage molecules like glucose and other carbohydrates."
Light dependent reactions
Beep, beep. Oh, it looks like we've come to a stop here at light dependent reactions, which occurs in the thylakoid. This stop does not give me anything new. The hydrogen ions are building up and passing through the ATP synthase to make ATP. O2 is being released into the atmosphere as oxygen. Lastly the ATP is being generated to power the independent cycle, or the Calvin cycle. And we're moving on folks...
Light independent reactions
*Screech* Well it look like the trolley has come to a hault and we're not at the light independent reactions inside the stroma. My CO2 has split and created a 3 carbon molecule. I'm changing, oh my gosh! Now a 6 carbon molecule has been formed. Now that it is all over a glucose molecule has been formed.

Welcome all to join me on my journey. I myself am a carbon atom and we will be exploring the great process of photosyntesis today. Keep your arms and molecules inside the trolley at all times. It's going to be a wild ride!
Krebs Cycle
Krebs Cycle
One of our last stops is the stroma in the mitochondria. My 3 carbon pyruvate is being broken down and CO2 is being released. Oxygen is required in this stage.
Electron transport chain
Lastly we're in the inner membrane of the mitochondria. I will not be getting any changes here, I've been released into the air as CO2
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