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No description

Brittany Rossi

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of My PC

Lian Li Desktop
Computer Case
$129.99 CPU-
i3 Intel Core Processor
$139.99 Heatsink and Fan-
(Integrated on Motherboard) RAM-
G. SKill Ripjaws Series
8 GB $349.99 Motherboard-
Mini ITX Intel Motherboard
$119.99 Power Supply-
Corsair $89.99 Hard Drive-
Seagate Barracuda Internal
Hard Drive $99.99 Sound Cards-
(Integrated on Motherboard) Video Cards-
(Integrated on Motherboard) Monitor-
Samsung 40 Inch
LCD HDTV $809.99 Operating System-
Microsoft Windows 7
Home Premium
$99.99 Speakers-
Logitech Digital Speaker
System $396.00 Network Interface Card-
(Integrated on Motherboard) Software-
Norton 2010 Internet
Securtiy $49.99

Microsoft Office 2007
$119.95 Printer-
Wireless EPSON
$179.99 Additional Items-
Verbatim 25GB Single Jewel Case
Disc $2.99

Linksys Wireless Router
$54.99 Optical Drive-
LG Blu-Ray Burner

Rosewill Internal Card
Reader with USB Ports-

Lite-On DVD/CD
Drive- $21.99 Keyboard & Mouse-

Logitech Cordless
Desktop Keyboard &
Mouse Kit- $149.99 Procedure:
1. Have a static free enviroment to put your pc together.
2. Take sides off of case.
3. Install power supply by mounting it onto the inside of the computer
case and connect it to the motherboard with the main conncetor.
4. Put in processor by putting it into a socket on the motherboard.
5. Mout heat sink and fan onto the CPU.
6. Insert RAM into memory sockets on motherboard.
7. Mout motherboard in case.
8. Plug extra cards into pci slots. (Sound, Audio, etc)
9. Place optical drives into drive bays in the front of the case.
10. Install hard drive
11. Connect data cable from device to motherboard.
12. Leave case open when first turning it on.
13. Hook up all external devices (speakers,mouse,keyboard,printer,etc.)
14. Install operating system.
15. Install software into computer (microsoft office, Internet security.) My PC
By: Brittany Rossi
Computer Ap3
Work Cited:
Newegg. Newegg Inc., Jan. 2001. Web. 20 Apr. 2010. <http://www.newegg.com/>. Total Cost:
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