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Whirligig: Chapter 8, San Diego, California

No description

Taylor Snider

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Whirligig: Chapter 8, San Diego, California

Theme: Don't let the bad memories overcome the good. Chapter 8:
San Diego, California Beginning Review Questions Jenny is the main character. She's a teenage girl who lives in San Diego.
Her grandma has cancer.
Her grandma calls Jenny "Rachel" the name of her deceased sister.
Grandma was in Auschwitz.
Jenny said when her grandma responded to her, she sounded like Joe DiMaggio.
Grandma had Jenny take her towards Morena Street. First Stop: White Birch Tree Second Stop: Chinese Restaurant Fourth Stop: Grandma's Old House Grandma stops Jenny in the middle of the road.
Jenny asks why.
She says that there were many white birches in Poland, which is her homeland. Grandma said she had a stationary store with Jacob for 26 years.
Jacob is her deceased husband.
Jacob gave her a golden brooch for their 40th anniversary.
As Grandma was pointing out all the places, Jenny said she sounded like a tour guide. Third Stop: Rachel's House Jenny's middle name is Rachel, in honor of her grandmother's sister.
They don't stay here long, just enough time for her grandmother to remember everything that's happened.
She had a stucco house on 30th street. Grandmother had Jenny stop at her old house, before she moved in with Jenny and her family.
She started speaking Yiddish with her eyes closed.
Yiddish was Grandmother's first language. English was her sixth. Fifth Stop: The Hostel Grandmother tells Jenny all about her experience in Auschwitz and how no one should be smiling afterwards.
Grandmother explains how everytime she had bad memories, she would come to the hostel to see the whirligig and remind herself how not all people are bad. 1) Who is Jenny?
2) Who did Jenny's grandma usually respond like?
3) After they got in the car, where did they drive to?
4) What was Grandma's first language?
5) They continued onto 30th street and then stopped in front of what?
6) Where was Grandma during the Holocaust?
7) What did Jenny say her grandma sounded like as they were going around town?
8) What did Grandma look at when they were stopped in the middle of the street?
9) What did someone tell Grandma nobody should be doing after Auschwitz?
10) What was the last stop?
11) Where did Grandma always go when bad memories came up?
12) What problem did Grandma have with her health?
13) What was the present Jacob gave to her grandma for their 40th anniversary?
14) Who was Rachel?
15) Who was Jacob?
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