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CAMS at the Toro Library

Library usage and research habits for CAMS students.

Stewart Baker

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of CAMS at the Toro Library

CAMS at the
Toro Library

General Research Hints
Library access for CAMS
Using the Library Website
How to research for and
write a research paper using
the CSU Dominguez Hills library.
Contact Info
Stewart Baker
(310) 243-2062
Borrowing Books
Different Sources
Check out up to 5 books

Borrow books for 5 weeks

Renew books online
Library 'Databases'
Access newspapers, journal articles, and e-books online, when on campus or in the CAMS building.

Please note that CAMS students are unable to access our online materials from home.
Where is the library?
Finding Books
Newspapers and Articles
How can I get access?
CAMS students need to fill out a User application form before they can use the materials at the library.

These forms are available from your teacher. Take it home and complete it, and then return it to your teacher.

Before you can check out materials, you will need to take your CAMS ID to the circulation desk to be activated.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Print Books
Secondary Sources
(Summarizing; Second-hand)
* Most Books
* Peer-reviewed Journals
* Review Websites

Primary Sources
(Reporting; First-hand)
* Newspapers
* Blogs
* Memoirs
Web Research
Wikipedia (the right way)
- Is it easy to figure out who's behind the information? Does whomever it is know what they're talking about? Do they have qualifications in the field or some other reason to be trust-worthy in it?

- Are the sources cited well? Is the information up-to-date? Are there any broad, sweeping generalisations that are impossible to verify?

- What is the page's point-of-view? Is it a corporate page trying to sell you a product? Is it a government or educational site where the main purpose is to educate people?

- Is it possible to double-check the information in another location?
Advanced Google Search
.edu - Educational (usually University) websites

.gov - US Government websites
Journal Articles
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