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Alice Labs

SPAR 2010 presentation

Kevin Klein

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Alice Labs

Master your Captured Reality
Studio Clouds PhotoStruct
Create a high density point cloud from two
images at the push of a button
Import from Scanner
Many Formats supported
Studio Clouds
Mirage Framework
About Alice Labs
Based out of The Netherlands

Founded in 2009 as spin-off of university research

6 employees part-time and full-time

Strong ties into Academia
Our Vision
Who is Alice Labs?
What is our Vision?
How do we achieve our Vision?
Create easy animations
out-of-the-box. Animate
your camera, clipbox or any
other objects in Studio Clouds
The Mirage framework is the backbone of Studio Clouds
For more information please visit


Studio Clouds Editor
Clean your clouds and colour
them with painting tools or
image projection using a layer
based workflow
Studio Clouds Registration
Register your scans or results from PhotoStruct together by either cloud to cloud or target registration
Next generation point cloud engine
Unfortunately we cannot say too much about it yet..

However, data conversion times will be many times quicker and size of data sets that can be handled will be much larger
Expected: Q2 / Q3
Studio Clouds Modeler
Planned for release in Q2 2010
Some of the features:
Studio Clouds Plug-ins
Enable the power of the
Mirage engine within
Autodesk 3DS Max and
Region grow *
Plane/cylinder fitting *
Extrusion/Extraction *
UV Mapping
Material editing
Displacement mapping
It enables users to take full advantage of its powerfull streaming engine

It is built to extend third party software such as 3DS Max and Maya

It contains a elaborate library of algorithms and tooling

It contains an extensive SDK to enable third parties to access its capabilities
Mirage Framework
Mirage specification highlights
Native 64 bit support
OpenGL and DirectX support
Takes advantage of multicore/multithread CPU
Use of GPU acceleration
Cross platform codebase
Georeferenced data structure for maximum accuracy
Highly flexible GUI
* Available in SDK
Who are our global Customers?
Visual Effects
Who are our global Customers?
To increase and improve the use of real world 3D in organisations globally
Our Mission
To build a workflow and toolset that enable our users to get reality into the virtual world in high quality for existing and new applications
Content of Today
Built on Mirage
Off-line Rendering
Create annimations in
3DS Max and render the
point cloud to reduce
modeling time
Riegl 3DD
Faro FLS
Optech IXF
Lidar LAS
Column based ASCII
Digital Terrain Map
Thank you
for your attention
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