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the symbolic symbol of hair

No description

Denzel Wilksch

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of the symbolic symbol of hair

The symbol of hair in THE OUTSIDERS
What this prezi thing of ours is talking about.
In this presentation of ours we are talking about the symbolic symbol of hair in the novel written by S.E Hinton "The Outsiders".
Where is this symbol of hair most found in the book?
This topic is talked about throughout the book, as Ponyboy is very proud of his long greasy hair.
Quote #1
Quote #1, Chapter 1 page 1: 'My hair is longer than a lot of boys wear theirs, squared off the back, long at the front and sides,but i am a greaser and most of my neighbourhood rarely bothers to get a haircut. Besides, I look better with long hair.'
Quote #2
The second quote we'll mention is from chapter 5 page 87 which says "...Our hair labeled us greasers, too- it was our trademark. the one thing we were proud of. Maybe we didn't have Corvairs or madras shirts, but we could have hair." This quote really shows that the 'Greasers' hair symbolised them as greasers.
The third quote
The 3rd quote is from Chapter 7 page 130 and it says the following "What little squaw's got that tuff-looking hair of yours, Ponyboy?"
How is this topic significant in the novel?
I believe this topic is significant in the novel because S.E Hinton made it significant by it really being a big symbol of the greasers and by the greasers, especially Soda and Ponyboy, being proud of it.
I believe the S.E Hinton included this topic in the book because it was probably a big thing at the time of her writing this which was around the 60s.
Why did S.E Hinton include this topic in the book
How does this link to anything else?
I believe this links to the theme of conflict between the socs and th
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