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No description

Rebecca McCarthy

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Nigger/Nigga

Court Cases
Matt Barnes
Why do people use the n-word?
Who can use it?
1. Everybody
When is it okay to use the n-word?
Q: I'm out with friends and coworkers at my favorite karaoke bar, and the next song in the rotation is a popular hip-hop song. Is it OK to shout the n-word in this context?
Richie Incognito
3. Nobody
2. Blacks only
Roy Ellison
Burlington v. News Corps
Trash Talk in sports
Women vs. Men
Katie Smith, WNBA
Sports & Music
Brown v. Chicago Board of Education
Jay Z
Azaelia Banks
Johnson v. Carmona
Brown v. Progress Energy
Historical Context
Jennifer Lopez
Lee v. Kmart Corp
Randall Kennedy
Word Origin
Pejorative Use
Contemporary Contentions
Latin Root: niger --> English: negro

White Southern Mispronunciation
Uses & meanings have changed and multiplied

Now also used within black community

Heated contentions regarding usage

Always Derogatory?

Established firmly by early 1800s

Linked with racial relations
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