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Great Expectations Chapter 47

No description

David Andersen

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of Great Expectations Chapter 47

In Previous chapters
In chapter 44 Pip got a warning note from Wemmick telling him not to go home. In chapter 45 as soon as he got the note, Pip hurried to go stay in the Hummums Hotel for the night. and the next day Pip goes to find Wemmick and ask him about the note. When pip finds Wemmick, Wemmick tells him that he heard through Jaggers's office that Compeyson is looking for Magwitch. Pip is really concerned and wemmick tells him that Herbert is hiding Magwitch at Clara's house.
Previous Continued
In chapter 46 Pip goes to Clara's house to find Clara's drunken old father who makes Magwitch seem like a good person compared to him. When he finds Magwitch he doesn't tell him about compeyson because Pip is in fear of Magwitch's safety and gets more and more concerned about him as time goes on. Later Pip and Herbert plan to take Magwitch down river to escape from Compeyson.
Summary of Chapter 47
In Chapter 47 a few weeks later Pip, Herbert, and Magwitch are on the row boat waiting for Wemmicks signal to leave and take Magwitch down the river. Pip is in a lot of debt and feels that it is heartless fraud to use anymore of Magwitch's money. So he sells some valuable things to survive. Pips life is not really everything he imagined it would be and everything is kind of crashing down around him. Pip thinks about Estella and remembers that she is probably married now and purposely avoids learning more about them which tells us that Pip has not moved on from Estella.
Character Growth
Plot development
The plot develops more with the return of Compeyson pursuing Magwitch. Also it develops with Pip being in debt, it shows that pip is going to be more self reliant, and Pip not wanting to know anything about Estella and Drummle shows that he still loves Estella so he probably wont move on.
summary continued
Pip goes to the theater where Wopsle preforms and at the end of the plays. Wopsle tells Pip that he saw a man sitting behind Pip like a ghost trying to not be noticed and he said the man looked liked the convict that was getting mauled by the other (which was Magwitch) and Pip immediately knows it was Compeyson. Pip suspects that Compeyson is following him. Pip tells Herbert what happened and they agree to be really cautious of everything they do from now on.
Great Expectations Chapter 47
Visual representation
Pip grows in this chapter by not thinking about Estella as much as he has before, He also grows by not wanting to use any more of Magwitch's money it shows that he becoming more self reliant instead of expecting thing to be given to him, also he grows in his relationship with Magwitch and how he is concerned about his safety that shows that he cares about him.

One theme would be
Facing reality
because they face the reality that Magwitch is not safe anymore with Compeyson looking for him.
Another theme would be Self-reliance because Pip doesnt want to use anymore of Magwitch's money so he begins to rely on himself to survive.
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