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Annotating an Aricle

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Thubaraka shanmuganathan

on 22 December 2013

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Transcript of Annotating an Aricle

Annotating an Article
2. identify a perspective and/or bias evident in newspaper front cover regarding power, ideologies, values, or beliefs
1. identify a perspective and/or bias evident in the newspaper front cover regarding age, gender, race, or class
Question 1:
The title in this newspaper shows a perspective that favors woman. This is because wall street refers to A street in lower Manhattan which is the historic headquarters of the largest U.S. brokerages and investment banks. Therefore the story is about women who work in the finance department. Woman being a part of the finance business itself is a huge mile steppingstone for woman. Many women including myself will take that as a huge compliment. However, being a stay-home father might not satisfy or delight many men.

Explain how this newspaper cover page was created to suit particular audience.
1. Identify and explain how this text would appeal to you and others your age, if at all.
Question 2:
The stereotypical ideology that states woman do all the domestic work while men go out and work has been crushed in this article. Marriele, a female is the odd woman standing with many men whom work with her. All though she can’t see many other women, this implies that there is a change being made. Slowly more and more woman are beginning to come out of their shells and achieve for themselves. On the other hand, this causes the amount of stay-home fathers to increase. For a change, men are staying home and taking care of their children instead of the mothers. The gender roles have been swapped.
This newspaper is created to suit woman whom are stuck at home providing for their children. The picture with a very busy woman probably provokes and attracts stay-home moms. It brings out the dreams that are hidden deep inside of them. Behind all their responsibilities at home, they have a dream and this article might have given them the courage to take some time for themselves to achieve that goal.
This article does not appeal to our generation at all. Since we see woman working every day and fathers whom do stay home to take care of their children, we don’t think there is anything abnormal or interesting about this article.
2. How could I change the text to make it more enjoyable?
I would include a child’s perspective. They spoke about the wife and how she was thankful for her husband whom stayed home and completed domestic chores. The husband’s opinion was that he accepted his duties and believed his wife also deserved the opportunity to achieve. However their children’s opinion was excluded. What if they prefer to have their mom help them get ready for school? Including that perspective to make the article would have made it much more relatable and enjoyable for teens my age.
The End
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