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Coffee & Health

No description

Ceann Thomas

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of Coffee & Health

Alzheimer's Disease
A study shows protective and therapeutic roles of coffee against Alzheimer's disease (Chang & Ho, 2014)
Benefits could be from antioxidants

What is Coffee?
Is Coffee Protective against Cancer?
Several studies have shown no risk with drinking coffee and developing cancer
Heavy coffee consumption may protect against endometrial cancer (Gavrilyuk et al., 2014)
Another study shows coffee consumption to lower risk of developing bladder, colorectal, esophageal, and pancreatic cancer (Yu, Bao, Zou, & Dong, 2011)
Type II Diabetes
Regular coffee drinkers have a lower fasting blood glucose based on a study conducted on the Taiwanese population (Lin et al., 2011)
Not dependent on caffeine
Addition of sugar and creamer may alter beneficial effects
Liver Function
Study found coffee to reduce severity of liver cirrhosis
Reduced severity could be from antioxidant activity or a component with the liver enzymes
Still controversial (Neto et al., (2010)
Pros of Drinking Coffee
Reduces the Risk of:
Type 2 Diabetes
Liver Function
Alzheimer's Disease
Coffee & Health

By: Kaitlyn Bonham & Ceann Thomas
How much do People Love Coffee?
Coffee Production
After harvesting, the cherries are processed
Processing leads to milling
"Green coffee" ready for roasting and purchase

A tree that produces small fruit known as "coffee cherries"
Coffee cherries take a year to mature
Structural components of the coffee cherry
Commercial coffee varieties - Arabica & Robusta

National Coffee Association of U.S.A., Inc. n.d.
National Coffee Association of U.S.A.
Inviting aroma, pharmacological effects, and stimulatory properties (Neto et al., 2010)
Second most consumed beverage with 500 billion cups consumed annually (Bidel & Tuomilehto, 2013)
In USA, 12,000 Starbucks locations (Statistica, n.d.)
What are Causing these Beneficial Effects?
Cons of Drinking Coffee
Caffeine and Pregnancy

Caffeine component most often credited as being "bad" for health
Pregnant women are population of concern
Risk on bone health
Does Coffee affect Bone Health?
Not necessarily ...
Two separate studies found no link between coffee consumption and bone fracture of any kind
Hallstrom et al., 2013
In Conclusion...
Everyone reacts to coffee differently
Studies show that coffee can be beneficial to health
Be cautious when drinking coffee if suffering from insomnia and when pregnant
Caffeine in coffee can be harmful to the fetus
Pregnant women who drank high amounts of caffeine had a 60% greater chance of delivering a LBW baby (Chen et al., 2014)
Pregnant women who drank caffeine had a higher (25%) risk of miscarriage (Weng, Odouli, & Li, 2008)
Minimize caffeine intake during pregnancy or switch to decaffeinated coffee
Optimal antioxidant content is within 20 minutes after preparation (Cimpan, 2014)
Bidel, S. & Tuomilehto, J. (2013). The Emerging Health Benefits of Coffee with an Emphasis on Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease. European Endocrinology. 99-106.

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Chen, L., Wu, L., Neelakantan, N., Chong, M., Pan, A., & Dam, R. V. (2014). Maternal Caffeine intake during pregnancy is associated with risk of low birth weight: a systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis. BMC Medicine, 12(174).

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Gavrilyuk, O., Braaten, T., Skeie, G., Weiderpass, E., Dumeaux, V. & Lund, E. (2014). High Coffee Consumption and Different Brewing Methods in Relation to Postmenopausal Endometrial Cancer Risk in the Norwegian Women and Cancer Study: A population-based prospective study. BMC Women’s Health, 14(48). 1-10.

Hallstrom, H., Byberg, L., Glynn, A., Lemming, E. W., Wolk, A. & Michaelsson, K. (2013). Long-Term Coffee Consumption in Relation to Fracture Risk and Bone Mineral Density in Women. American Journal of Epidemiology, 178(6). 898-909.

Lloret-Linares, C., Lafuente-Lafuente, C., Chassany, O., Green, A., Delcey, V., Mouly, S., & Bergmann, J. F. (2012). Does a single cup of coffee at dinner alter the sleep? A controlled cross-over randomised trial in real-life conditions. Nutrition & Dietetics, 69(4), 250-255.

Neto, Y. A., Rocha, B. A., Pedroso, R. N., Neto, M. M., Paula, F. B., & Duarte, S. M. (2010). Protective Effects of Roasted Coffee Drink on Liver Function of Cirrhotic Rats. Journal of Natural Pharmaceuticals, 1(1). 19-24.

Weng, X., Odouli, R. & Li, D. K. (2008). Maternal Caffeine Consumption during Pregnancy and the Risk of Miscarriage: A prospective cohort study. American Journal of Obstetrics, 198(279). 1-8.

Yu, X., Bao, Z., Zuo, J. & Dong, J. (2011). Coffee Consumption and Risk of Cancers: A meta-analysis of cohort studies. BMC Cancer, 11(96). 1-11.
Coffee and Sleep
Caffeinated coffee alters quality of sleep, even with just one cup after dinner (Lloret-Linares et al., 2012)
Lengthens the sleep latency
Increases the number of awakenings
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