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A Single Shard

No description

Link Glover

on 13 May 2011

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Transcript of A Single Shard

A Single Shard Characters Theme 1 -Tree-ear is a strong young man who is a hard worker. -The people in this book are all very respectful to their elders and they are all hard workers. -I like all the charachers except Min the potter. He is a very mean to Tree-ear which makes me dislike him. Theme 2 Setting -This story takes place in a small Korean fishing village. -The setting is small village with many different kinds of people, although most are poor they all make enough to survive. -The most significant part of the book was when Tree-ear was robbed. Not only was it suprising, but it changed the whole book. Theme 3 Mood -I felt sorry for all the bad things that happened to Tree-ear. -The author talked about how hard Tree-ear had it, and he also mentioned Tree-ear eating dirt. -I thought the most unusual part of the book was when Min gave Tree-ear a job. Theme 1: Work hard no matter what the circumstance. Tree-ear wanted to work so much that he is a potter's assistant without pay. Although Min is mean to him he shows that he can do anything Min can do. He does it all for his only loved one, Crane-man. Theme 2: Never Give Up Tree-ear showed everyone that he wouldn't give up no matter what the circumstance. He was robbed and his pottery was destroyed, so he decided to take a single shard to the palace.
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