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No description

Brittany McFetridge

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of THE WEEKND

Brittany McFetridge Block 3 Voice Your Choice Born Abel Tesfaye, The Weeknd is a multi-talented producer/singer/songwriter from Toronto Canada. He has been present since 2010 to now, but isn't very well known. In 2011, The Weeknd released 3 incredible 9-track mix tapes entitled House Of Balloons (March 21, 2011), Thursday (August 18, 2011), and Echoes Of Silence (December 21, 2011). In 2012, he released a 3-disk album, entitled Trilogy (November 13, 2012), which consisted of his mixtapes remastered, along with 3 bonus tracks. After a few months of release, Trilogy was certified gold. His second album is set to hit stores sometime in 2013. Often associated with singer/rapper Drake, the two came together to form, OVOXO, a combination of Drake's, October's Very Own, and The Weeknd's, XO, Ecstasy and Oxy (two of his favorite drugs). His collaborations with Drake include The Zone, Crew Love, and features his vocals on The Ride and Cameras. He's helped write a few songs on Take Care also. He has collaborated with Juicy J (One Of Those Nights), Wiz Khalifa (Remember You), 2 Chainz (Like Me, using The Birds Part 1 chorus), and French Montana (unknown). The Weeknd shows obvious inspiration derived from Michael Jackson in his singing technique. His voice is very distinctive, and one of the best performers to hear in concert. His lyrics are made up of stories of sex, drugs, and partying. There are also deep feelings, most of pain or sorrow. BACKGROUND MIXTAPES AND ALBUMS RANDOM FACTS STYLE WHY SHOULD HE BE IN THE HALL OF FAME? The Weeknd should definitely be considered to be included in the hall of fame once he is eligible, (2036). He is multi-talented, and is an inivator in music and style. In my opinion, he can't even be considered any specific style of music. Not to mention his incredible talent, singing notes only he can successfully hit. CONCLUSION The Weeknd is no doubt one of the best artists to come along the music scene in a while. With his captivating lyrics, undeniable talent, and sick beats, his music is definitely something that can captivate anyone's attention. The Weeknd performing at 2011 OVO Fest. The Weeknd on set for his music video, Twenty Eight. The Weeknd on set for his music video, Rolling Stone. The Weeknd on set for his music video, Twenty Eight. The Weeknd and Drake onstage together at 2011 OVO Fest. MYSTERY Though his identity is known now, back in 2010 when he first released a few songs on Youtube, he was completely unknown to the public. There are no recent interviews, as he refuses to do them. He still somehow remains to be mysterious, with over 980,000 followers on Twitter.
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