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Which type of food molds the fastest in the same place: bananas, milk, bread or cheese?

No description

kyanna vera

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Which type of food molds the fastest in the same place: bananas, milk, bread or cheese?

Hypothesis Which type of food molds the fastest in the same place : bread or cheese? I think the bread will mold the fastest because when you put it in a bag or anywhere that can be air in, the bread will start to mold because of the particles in the air. procedures First , I put a piece of bread in side a plastic bag
then I took the piece of cheese in a separate bag
and just recorded the data . Materials - 1. One piece of cheese
( cheddar cheese )

2. 1 piece of bread (wonder )

3. two plastic bags Abstract Experiment Results In one week , the bread mold is just hard , but the cheese mold has spread covering almost half. In 2 weeks the bread hasn't changed much but the cheese is halfway covered in mold. In 3 weeks the bread is half way covered, but the cheese is almost covered all the way. In 4 weeks the bread is still half way covered, but the cheese is completely covered with mold. Research Conclusion Future Experiments Bread and mold often meet through the mold spores that are in the air. Although you cannot see them, there are probably millions in the air around you.

For the cheddar cheese

My hypothesis was incorrect , the bread wasn't the first one to mold it was the cheese ,
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