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Exploring Social Media and e-Business

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Alex Ballack

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Exploring Social Media and e-Business

These Electronic Communities:
encourage two-way communication
allow people to develop profiles
identify other people to connect with through technolgy and the Internet
Social Media & e-Business
Social Media Definiton
Why Social Media?
Social Media Tools
Social Media Communities
Achieving Business Objectives through Social Media
Social Media Plan
Definition of E-Business
Combining e-Business Ressources
Fundamental Models of E-Business
The future
Social media represents the online interactions that allow people and businesses to communication and share ideas, personal information, and information about products and services.

Social Media Definiton
1. Listen to determine opportunities

2. Establish social media objectives

3. Segment and target the social customer

4. Select social media tools

5. Implement and integrate the plan
Social Media Plan
a million reasons for Social Media
Why Social Media?
Exploring Social Media and e-Business
210 Understanding Business - Prof. Z. Dafaallah
Social Media Communities
Achieving Business Objectives through Social Media
Crisis and Reputation Management
Listening to Stakeholders
Targeting Customers
Social Media Marketing
by Alexander Beis, Honee Herrera, Valerie Perez and Hannah Weber

Definition of E-Business
Combining e-Business Ressources
Fundamental Models of E-Business
The future
Social Media Plan
Definition of E-Business
Social Media Plan
Questions and Answers
Business Model
Fundamental Models of E-Business
Fundamental Models of E-Business
Combining e-Business Ressources
Do you have any questions regarding our presentation about E-Business and Social Media?
organized effort of individuals to produce and sell, for a profit, the products and services that satisfy society’s needs

Doing Business
through the facilities available on the Internet

- Resources are more specialized than in a typical business
- How to reduce the cost of specialized resources? Outsourcing!

Human Resources
- Website designers
- Programmers
- Web masters

Informational Resources

- Customer tracking systems
- Order Fulfillmentand tracking systems
- Online content-monitoring systems

Material Resources
- Computers
- Software
- High-speed Internet connection lines

Financial Resources
- Investors interested in supporting
e-business firms
- Electronic payment from customers


social media communities are based on the relationships among people
Forum: is an interactive version of community bulletin board that focuses on threaded discussions
Wiki: is a collaborative online working space that enables members to contribute content that is then sharable with other people.
The purpose of social networks

is to build communities and develop connections.
in a business setting these networks are the connection to consumers and other businesses
this connection is utilized by companies to achieve their business objectives
Social media marketing
80% of U.S. companies with more than 100 employees are using social media tools for marketing
is the utilization of social media technologies, channels, & sofware to create, communicate, deliever, & exchange offerings that have value for an organization
used to develop customer awareness, obtain sale leads, & increase sales
inbound marketing: describes new ways of gaining attention & customers by creating content on the web that pulls customers in
examples: using social media for brand awarness, aquiring new customers, introducting new products
this is where a company utilizes their analyses to develop objectives
an objective must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and goal-oriented
Step 1: Listen to determine opportunities
this is a process of listening to what customers like and don't like about the company's products and services

after this listening phase, it is crucial for the company to analyze the information to identify their strengths & weaknesses as well as opportunities & threats
Step 2: Establish social media objectives
Step 3: Segment & target the social customer
companies segment information about potential customers to develop a social media plan to achieve objectives
Step 4: Select social media tools
a company needs to use the appropriate social media tool that will allow them to reach their objective without wasting so much time or money
Step 5: Implement & integrate the plan
once social media tools have been identified, a company can implement and integrate the social media plan
Definition of E-Business
Satisfying Needs Online
Business Tools Social Media
Business Tools for Social Media

- The Internet has created new customer needs (digital products: apps…)
- e-business can satisfy those needs, as well as traditional ones

The Internet can be used by both individuals and business firms to obtain information.

Creating e-Business Profit

you need NEW customers and sales
- intelligent information system
- websites with product informations
- Advertising on web pages
- Subscription fees charged for access to online services and content

Creating e-Business Profit

- Offering online services that
- Reduces the costs of dealing with customers
- Reduces the need for many physical store

2. Reducing expenses
1. Increasing Sales Revenue
Chapter 16 Information Technology

Social content sites


Photos, Videos, and Podcast

Social Media Ratings

Social Games

connect with customers
listen to its main stakeholders
provide another means of customer service
develop content that is valuable to customers
engage customers in product development and formulation.
Companies are using social media because it allows the company to:

-A group of
common characteristics
of doing business to
generate sales revenue
reduce expenses

Fundamental Models of E-Business
-A group of common characteristics and methods of doing business to generate sales revenue and reduce expenses
Characteristics & Methods
Business-to-Business Model
Fundamental Models of E-Business
-Firms that use the Internet mainly to conduct business with other businesses

Two Types:

-Firms that focus on conducting business with individual buyers

Planning for a New Internet Business or
Building an Online Presence for an Existing Business
The Future of Computer Technology, the Internet, and e-Business
The Internet and e-business will continue to expand along with related computer technologies

-Ethical and Legal Concerns
Essentially the Internet is a new “frontier” without borders and without much control by governments or other organizations

Ethics and Social Responsibility
Log-file records
Data mining
Internet Crime
Computer virus

The Future of Computer Technology, the Internet, and e-Business
-Future Challenges for Computer Technology and e-Business

-More information is now available than ever before, its amount will only increase

-Businesses must consider more than the cost factors in using technology

Internal and External Forces That Affect an e-Business
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