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Ashley David

No description

sarah liberatore

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Ashley David

Ashley David
and why we will never forget her
Is for Ashley
Not because I couldn't think of an A word to describe you but becAuse you just... Are....Ashley. And you Aren't Afraid to be her. PINK GLITTER SPARKLES FASHION RAAMIZ WAIT WHAT pretty much sums up this "Ashleyness". Random, spAstic, crAzy, And mAking everyone deAl with it (not thAt we give much resistAnce). Oh, and the lAughter. Lots and lots of lAughter is AlwAys A side effect of bringing Ashley into the room.
"A word" yes laugh
all you want okay
Of course you do alSo have a Side that is caring and generouS. Helping with homework, being a pick-me-up for anyone who might be need it, or juSt Saying Something Silly that lightenS the mood. Nothing like a Six page affirmation to lighten someone'S day. Cough. Cough.
*trips over someting stupid and
causes endlesss laughter right
after something serious has been said*
"ugH my Hair's a mess" "YeaaHHH"
"YeaH tHat was a bit weird" "Am. yeaH. A smidge"
"THat was HORRIBL--" "OmygosH no it was amazinngggg you did soooo mucH
better tHan i did!!!"
You are truthful here
So we can believe you when it counts
I believe you. Thank you.
And the best couple of the year award goes to.... *drumroll....*
Hm. wonder who that couLd be. I'm not even going to say it (you're weLcome Raamiz). One of the main contributors to me starting to sit with you in math was becuase of *this* matter. We were friends, but now we are cLoser. A secret to keep, a subject on which I couLd tease you, and a conversation starter. Now for the finaL question, and this time its not in math or coming from me. But of course if that happens then someone eLse will have to ask a certain someone the same question you wiLL be getting asked and then - you know what? Let's not go there. as Long as you know what I mean.
i had to....
ThE Effect you will havE on all of us. Wow that sounds rEally dramatic.
EvEryonE has cErtain pEoplE who comE into thEir lifE and nEvEr truly lEavE. I'vE had thrEE close friEnds from school lEavE bEfore, and wE kind'vE grEw apart. But wE will tExt and snapchat and chat on gmail and mssg and whatEvEr ElsE you can think of. Also Everlasting, thE EffEct I think you arE going to have on pEople in your future. You havE the ability to accomplish grEat things, and nEvER forget all of us who bEliEvE this and, more importantly, believe in you. Wow that was a lot of Es to capitilizE. Okay thEn.
Snapchat- sarah_mia
Cell phone- 734-709-4435
instagram- sarah_mia_liberatore
(i really only use it for direct messgaes)
email/google plus- piggymia54@gmail.com
text me when you're bored
snap me when you're feeling silly
email me a story
call me when you need a friend
Sounds all INSPIRING and DEEP, don't You think? And it's a funny word. heh. say it dramaticallY. YONDEERRR. AnYways, remember the past, live in the present, and don't fear what comes next. in the yondermorrow. i reallY think that should be a word. Yonder, what laYs past or in the future, and tomorrow. Never trulY leave us here at CCA, enjoY overY second at Novi, and let it all carrY You to You're bright future ahead of You. Look at this whenever You feel lost to feel comfort or when you are nastalgic and are thinking about us. This is not an end, just a goodbye. We we will see You when you visit us (i will personally kill you if You don't) , but ithink You of all people should have a memorable goodbYe.
We love you ashley, and, until i see you next (which will at farthest be my Bat MItzvah), good luck.
A dramatic song to end-just for you :)
<3 love, Sarah Liberatore and all your fellow classmates
Keep Dreaming
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