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Sheffield College Focus Day

BuzzFeed Challenge

Richard Jones

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Sheffield College Focus Day

The Sheffield College
Buzzfeed Challenge

About me
The BuzzFeed
Choose a topic
What media do you use?
Let's find some material
Let's put our list
Promote it on social media
Contact me
I'm Richard Jones. I'm a lecturer here at the university, and I'm also the Admissions Tutor for Journalism and Media.
Email: Richard.Williams-Jones@hud.ac.uk
Twitter: @rlwjones / @journoathud
Blog: richardjonesjournalist.com
I want you to find one example each to be part of our list. We're going to use videos and pictures.
Remember: you want to beat the other groups, but try not to spam people!
The media is changing
The internet is having a huge impact on the way media is produced, and consumed.
It's now possible for anyone to publish things, as long as you've got an internet connection and something to say.
A lot of this stuff is not much use. But a small amount of it is. Sorting the gems from the rubbish is becoming a key task for people working in both established and new media companies.
One new media company which is arguably doing this better than anyone, is BuzzFeed.
We're going to make one of BuzzFeed's famous lists together. Then, you'll promote it on social media. After a week, I'll let you know which group got the most views!
If you've never seen BuzzFeed before, now's the moment to take two minutes to look at the site.
Now, let's come up with an idea for our list. It needs to be something that people are going to want to read then share with their friends.
Some suggestions:
Best things about Sheffield
Best things about Sheffield College
Signs you grew up in Sheffield
Best songs by Sheffield bands
Sheffield's greatest sportspeople
You'll all be familiar with YouTube. But you might find using filters helps you search for specific things more easily.
When it comes to using pictures, you have to be very careful not to breach anyone's copyright.
But Flickr makes this easier for us. Lots of people upload images that are free for anyone to use. About a quarter of the 8bn pictures on Flickr are copyright-free. I'm going to show you how to access these.
Once you're in, click Advanced Search.
Creative Commons is the stuff we can use.
Now, get searching for a video or picture to include in our list. Then, try to come up with a brief headline to go along with it.
Before we start looking, let's quickly think of some ideas for things we might want to include in our list.
When you've got your video or picture, send the link to me (Twitter: @rlwjones or Email: Richard.Williams-Jones@hud.ac.uk)
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